Wednesday, January 29, 2020

As an avid wrestling fan I get excited when I think about the roster
and how the WWE could be doing better, especially with their
characters. Two weeks ago Bray Wyatt made his return to WWE
with his Firefly Funhouse gimmick where he is portraying a
demented Mr. Rogers with three (as this article is being written)
puppet characters (Abby the Witch, Mercy the Buzzard & Rascally
Rabbit). With Money In The Bank (MITB) six days before All
Elite Wrestling’s first PPV Double Or Nothing and in order to
serve a right hook to AEWI believe that Bray Wyatt and his new
Wyatt Family or Wyatt Funhouse should win the MITB Briefcase.

As of right now with the Funhouse promos appearing on both
RAW and Smackdown we assume that Bray Wyatt has not been
set to one specific brand yet, so with that being said I believe that
we should personify the puppets and introduce them at the PPV.
I’m not entirely sure where the meme originated but there was a
picture of Mercy the Buzzard and below that is Eric Young and
next to that is a picture of Abby the Witch and under that is Nikki
Cross. While there is no meme for the newest puppet for the rabbit
I have two choices for him being Mojo Rawley and the other being
(BlackHeart) Lio Rush. Both being known for their speed in the
ring they would both fit the character nicely, especially for Mojo’s
mirror gimmick never really went anywhere (this could be a
continuation or culmination).

Now lets get into the fantasy booking:

Bray Wyatt has two episodes of Firefly Funhouse talking to his puppets sprinkling little hints of returning to the ring but MITB is not mentioned. Next is the MITB PPV during the Men’s namesake match. All 8 men are in the ring when suddenly the Firefly Funhouse music plays, and Eric Young, Mojo Rawley and Nikki Cross are on the top of the ring and they part to show the Funhouse host Bray Wyatt and he laughs and plays to the crowd before putting on a sinister grin and pointing towards the ring and giving his men the order to rush the ring. Eric and Mojo attack everyone in sight, Mojo hits a pounce on Ali and Eric Young hits a top rope elbow on Randy Orton while Bray Wyatt walks down the ramp with Nikki Cross. Bray gets into the ring and helps up Finn Balor and begins to dance a waltz with him (Think Kano’s Last Dance from Mortal Kombat 11) before hitting a Sister Abigail on him. Eric and Mojo stand on either side of the ladder while Nikki stands in front of it while Bray grabs the briefcase and tells the announcer to call him as the winner.

With All Elite Wrestling’s Double Or Nothing Pay-Per-View event
coming up with so much hype behind I truly believe that WWE
will need to do something very unorthodox in order to come out of
the week with more people talking about Money in the Bank rather than Double or Nothing.

Michael T Lawson

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