Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Impact has been on a hot streak of late with there TV and has some genuinely interesting and fun stories heading into United We Stand, it’s just a real shame a lot of the stars from the show were not on this episode still no RVD or Sabu, Low ki has been announced for the show yet we haven’t seen him, the build just seems a bit strange but with that said another good episode happened with some good storyline progression even if a lot of the stars were missing.

The Show opens with Moose coming out and he will be facing Trey from the Rascalz.

Moose vs Trey

Story here is the Rascalz have been disrespecting Moose and mocking him the last few weeks, Trey is far too quick for Moose but does get caught a few times, Moose hits an apron powerbomb and could give by count out but as the ref gets to 8 he cuts the ref off and goes to inflict more punishment and after a brief comeback from Trey Moose wins with a spear.

Winner: Moose via pinfall – C

Sloppy match at times but was a fun opener that just went a bit too long, not sure where this is going, Moose I think maybe needs to turn face again.

OVE with a nice backstage promo talking about how he and Rich Swann have a past together, good promo that got me hyped for the main event with Rich putting his X division title on the line against Sami Callihan.

We get some follow up to the last weeks interaction with Gail Kim and Tessa, Gail had beaten down Tessa who had lost to Jordynn Grace but was attacking her after the match. Tessa isn’t that good on the microphone yet but says she blames Impact for what Gail did to her and will be suing Impact unless she gets an apology and Gail Kim leaves the company. I presume this ends in Gail Kim vs Tessa Blanchard, if not I do not understand this as Gail Kim is currently retired from the ring but beat down Tessa. Good advancement though.

Fallah Bah and KM vs Eli Drake and Eddie Edwards

Eli Drake and Eddie Edwards are sort of a team that doesn’t get along, Eddie Edwards is a crazy guy with a kendo stick given to him by Tommy Dreamer that he calls “Kenny” (yes exactly like Charlotte did for a few weeks on Smackdown). Match is decent nothing too interesting, Eddie throws Eli Kenny to use on KM before Edwards hits a big knee or the win.

Winners: Eli Drake and Eddie Edwards via pinfall – C

Eli Drake and Eddie Edwards are fun as a team and it gets them TV time, I imagine they’ll challenge for the tag titles soon. Good advancement with Edwards trusting Drake with Kenny.

We see Johnny Impact and Taya Valkyre arrive, an interviewer tries to ask them a question but Taya pushes him away.

We find out Willie Mack will be facing Ethan Page later during a segment with Rich and Willie Mack.

Ace Austin vs Damien Hyde

Ace Austin is great, he’s got a great character with the Gambit from Xmen tribute thing, incredible spot on the apron with a hand stand from him to avoid a kick, Ace dominates and shines winning with The Fold (kind of like a rolling neckbreaker), looks great and is a start, commentary were putting him over big.

Winner: Ace Austin via Pinfall – C+

Just a squash win but gets Ace over, getting decent reactions already.

After some more promo building the main event it’s time for Johnny Impact and Taya to explain why they have turned and attacked Brian Cage last week, we see a flashback of the con where they pretended Killer Kross had attacked Impact, Cage made the save but Taya lowblowed Cage and Impact put a brick next to Brian’s head and hit it with a chair, looked brutal.

I really didn’t like this, Johnny Impact has never been a great promo and his explanation of blaming “smart marks” who got tired of him when Brian Cage came along, was a lot of 4th wall breaking about how internet fans try to take over shows, it was far too long. Least Taya mentioned that Grace is her next opponent so kind of built that, but overall this was weak. Impact saying “I’ve cheating on all of you with myself” was weird as well.  D+

We go backstage to Father James Mitchell, he senses Rosemary appear, who still demands the soul of her bunny to be returned, they talk about “him” who’s in the undead realm and Rosemary promises to return. This is nonsense fun and I do enjoy stuff like this, looking forward to where it goes and does build it well. Rosemary teleports away. Love it.

Ethan Page vs Willie Mack

Decent match that highlighted Mack well, he wins fairly simply with the Stunner.

Winner: Willie Mack via pinfall – C+

Willie Mack is good and with a unique look, very athletic, Page had said before he wanted the X division title after so maybe Mack is now in for a shot.

We See Johnny Impact and Taya Valkyre backstage they bump into Killer Kross who says bravo before whispering some bits we couldn’t hear, Impact smiles and walks off. Guess they’re a team now.

Highlights of Scarlett Bordeaux and Disco Inferno, we then see Disco at a bar drinking shots, he’s asked why he’s not training and he says a women can’t beat a man and the women’s revolution is a hoax. Decent heat for the promo, he has to lose the match and I’m sure he will.

Gail Kim comes out a room marked Impact management, says Tessa has got her lawyers involved and she may have no choice but to say sorry and quit.

LAX and Lucha Brothers are having a brawl in the hallway, goes on for ages until security break it up and Konnan demands a rematch.

Willie Mack locks the rest of OVE in a room after presumably beating them down.

Rich Swann (c) vs Sami Callihan – X division title

Good match, given a good amount of time, Callihan dominates for the most part, some good spots on the outside and dives from Swann. Nice spot towards the end where Callihan spits at Swann who then spits back and fires up Swann misses a 450 and rolls up Sami who went for a piledriver for the win.

Winner: Rich Swann via pinfall – B

Good match, these guys could do better on PPV.

Post match angle see’s some more fighting between the two, Swann has a chair before the former Sawyer Fulton now known as Madman Fulton debuts, he reveals an OVE shirt and beats down Swann and Willie Mack who tries to make the save. Good angle and Madman Fulton looks a great addition.

Overall a good show, Impacts big issue is a lack of real stars and it felt that way on this episode, Scarlett was missed and only a very brief appearance from LAX and Lucha Brothers. But Ace Austin looks a real good addition and the main event was good. C+

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