Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Night 4

For the most part, I found this night fairly skippable. Takagi beat Yano in a fairly standard Yano match, he managed to avoid Yano’s tricks and hit the Pumping Bomber for the win.

Goto and Juice Robinson put on a pretty good match, I was disappointed with Goto taking the loss after his victory over Jay White and the big deal they’ve made out of his training with Shibata. We’ll see where he goes from here, though. Juice is still looking impressive, I think he’s on track to go far in the tournamnet.

Moxley and Cobb had a decent match with a lot of striking and brawling on the outside. In the end, it fell a bit flat for me, as did Cobb when Moxley beat him with a draping Death Rider DDT from the second rope. I’ll be interested to see how far Moxley goes before being defeated, he’s generally looking great in his NJPW run, so he could be a dark horse in the G1.

Jay White and Ishii were up next, this was a good match that probably went a little too long. White got in a lot of good offence, but Ishii kept coming back with, as you would expect, hard strikes and power moves. White managed to fight his way out of Ishii’s first brainbuster attempt, and attempted a Switchblade, but Ishii countered and hit the vertical drop brainbuster for the win. White was now 0-2 in the tournament, and against members of Chaos, the group he betrayed.

The main event was a surprisingly great match between Tetsuya Naito and the man I love to hate, or maybe just hate, Taichi. While Taichi isn’t consistently good, he can pull it off against the right opponent and Naito brings out the best in him.

Taichi used all of the dirty tricks in his arsenal, from chairshots to low blows but couldn’t keep Naito down. There was even a spot with Naito blocking Kanemaru’s mouth to prevent Suntori Surprise. Then, after distracting the referee by making him think he was calling someone out to interfere, Taichi brought out Iizuka’s iron glove for the first time since Iizuka retired! It took him three attempts to actually use them, but in the end, he managed to hit Naito with them and followed up with a Last Ride for the win.

Naito is now 0-2 and I hate Taichi.

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