Monday, January 20, 2020

Night 6

This was headlined by Jon Moxley v Tomohiro Ishii, so I was excited!

First up, though, was Shingo Takagi and Taichi. Shingo was on fire from the start, attacking Taichi relentlessly until Taichi threw his valet, Miho Abe, in front of Shingo, distracting the referee and then levelling Shingo with his mic stand. There was a lot of back and forth but Taichi often got the upper hand with his kicks. He tried for a low blow but Takagi blocked it, hit him with a straight right, followed by a headbutt and a brutal Pumping Bomber for 2, then he finished it with Last of the Dragon for the win. This was a great match and I was glad Takagi won!

Jeff Cobb v Juice Robinson was ok, Juice Robinson continues to impress and surprised me with a huge powerbomb on Cobb. Cobb handed juice his first loss in this tournament with Tour of the Islands and picked up his first 2 points.

Yano v Jay White was next, and it was over almost as quickly as it began after Yano stole Gedo’s brass knuckles and used them to low blow White for the win and White’s third straight loss. The Chaos Revenge Tour continued!

Goto v Naito got off to an unexpected start with Goto choking Naito with his t-shirt. Goto dominated the start of the match until Naito rammed his knee across the apron. After that, Naito targeted the knee aggressively with strikes and submissions.

I was surprised at Goto kicking out of the first Destino, Naito put him away with the second to finally get 2 points. This was another great outing for Goto, I’m disappointed for him, though, after coming back in the best shape of his life and getting a victory over Jay White, the tournament’s falling apart for him. Therer’s still time for it to pick up though.

That takes us on to the main event, Jon Moxley v Tomohiro Ishii. Moxley made his intentions known by throwing a chair into the ring during his entrance. Ishii immediately went head to head with him. They started brawling then trading elbows.

Moxley threw Ishii out of the ring, they fought into the crowd and Moxley rammed Ishii’s head into the “East” sign, a Korakuen tradition. Moxley continued to dominate with strikes and a clothesline to take Ishii down. Moxley dragged Ishii back to the ring and threw him back in.

Ishii finally took control with a vertical suplex, no-sold a series of forearm shots and knocked Moxley down. Ishii took it to the outside but Moxley reversed an Irish whip to throw Ishii into the barricade. Moxley grabbed two chairs and tossed one to Ishii, they duelled with them and Moxley threw what was left of his at Ishii. Moxley pulled a table out and set it up next to the ring, tried for an uranage suplex from the apron but Ishii countered, he tried a piledriver but Ishii countered again and put Moxley back in the ring, then tried to suplex him over the rope and though the table but Moxley pulled him back in. Moxley with a dropkick to Ishii, knocking him out of the ring then took him down with a suicide dive.

Moxley grabbed a chair and hit Ishii across the back with it, charged Ishii with it but Ishii elbowed it into Moxley’s face. Ishii hit Moxley with a chair shot of his own and rammed Moxley’s face into the ring post. He laid Moxley across the table, climbed to the top and hit a splash on Moxley through the table!

Back in the ring, Ishii lifted Moxley onto the top turnbuckle and hit a superplex for 2. Ishii tried a sliding lariat but Moxley countered into a pin for 2. Another counter and Ishii hit a German, Moxley back with a lariat to take Ishii back down. Moxley tried a knee but Ishii blocked it, sliding lariat to Moxley for two. He tried for the suplex but Moxley started biting Ishii, then hit him with a knee.

On the mat they started headbutting each other then continued it standing up, Ishii knocked Moxley into the corner and Moxley came out with a clothesline that Ishii absorbed, then laid into Moxley, but Moxley took him down. Moxley with an uranage for 2 then a big running knee for another 2.

Moxley called for the Death Rider DDT but Ishii countered with a backdrop, Moxley tried again but Ishii countered with a clothesline, then a running clothesline for 2. They countered finishers then hit each other with headbutts, Ishii with a lariat to the back then the front. Palmstrikes from both then Ishii kicked out of a Death Rider DDT! Moxley pulled his kneepads and hit a running knee then a Death Rider DDT for the win. What a match! This is another must-watch!

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