Monday, January 27, 2020

Night 8

This was a solid night for B-Block, kicking off with Juice Robinson overcoming Toru Yano’s tricks to score two more points.

Next, Hirooki Goto took on Taichi in a losing effort. The match went a bit too long and it wasn’t the most engaging of the tournament even though I’m a fan of Goto and can’t stand Taichi. Taichi won with a Gedo Clutch pin after hitting a low blow.

Things picked up for match 3, Jon Moxley v Shingo Takagi. They started off brawling on the outside and Takagi hit a DVD to Moxley on the floor. Moxley came back to through Takagi into a barricade and ram him into a ringpost. Getting back into the ring, Moxley began to target Takagi’s leg, tying it up in the ropes and hitting a dropkick and following up with a figure 4. From this point, whenever Takagi got in some offence, Moxley came back to attack Takagi’s legs with dropkicks, submissions and even a dragon screw.

Takagi did get some good attacks in, successfully planing Moxley with noshigami then a pumping bomber for 2. He went for Made in Japan but his leg buckled under him. On the outside, Moxley slammed Takagi’s knee into a table, then wrapped a chair around Takagi’s leg and hit it with another chair. Back in the ring, Moxley hit a Regal Knee, Takagi countered a Death Rider and hit Made in Japan for 2. He tried for Last of the Dragon, but Moxley went for his knee again, then hit a Regal Knee for 2 before forcing Takagi to submit for the first time in NJPW to a Cloverleaf.

Both these men continue to put on brilliant performances in the tournament, I’m a bit disappointed with Takagi’s win/loss record but it makes sense now he’s fighting the best of the heavyweights and not Juniors. Moxley, though, looks unstoppable.

Jay White went into his match against Cobb with three losses under his belt but seemed confident as ever. The match itself was pretty good and included a brilliant deadlift superplex by Cobb! In the end, White got his first win through a ref bump, distractions by Gedo, a lowblow, and Blade Runner. I don’t mind the heels winning with these tactics, but it does start to get old, especially when White’s someone NJPW seems to be building as a top guy. He needs to get at least a few clean wins in the tournament for credibility’s sake.

The main event featured Tetsuya Naito against Tomohiro Ishii. It was easily the match of the night after they put on another great match that made me worry for their careers, especially Naito who took a lot of punishing stiff strikes doled out by Ishii and a brutal looking superplex. Naito got in his own offence too, going for Ishii’s neck with hard elbows. It took Naito two Destinos to finally put Ishii away and gain two more points, hopefully he’s on the path to victory now and neither man is on the road to a hospital.

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