Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Night 12

B-Block kicked off with a good match between Shingo Takagi and Jeff Cobb. There was a great sequence with Shingo superplexing Cobb who t-bone suplexed Takagi who t-boned him back. The strength of these guys is amazing. Speaking of, Takagi managed to land Made in Japan on Cobb! He got him up for Last of the Dragon, but Cobb countered and hit Tour of the Islands for the win.

Jon Moxley and Toru Yano was a match I was interested to see, and it delivered for me. Yano sprayed Moxley with water to start. He tried for a lowblow, but Moxley blocked it. Yano offered him his dvd with 10000 ten but Moxley kicked it out of his hands and went on the attack. Yano tried to tape up Moxley but Moxley taped him to the barrier instead! Yano managed to get back in.

Yano offered a handshake and got the crowd to chant for it, but he went after his hair. Both of them grabbed turnbuckle pads and fought with them. The ref grabbed Moxley’s and Yano hit a lowblow and rolled Moxley up for 2. Moxley hit the regal knee, then set a table up on the outside. Charged Yano but Yano pulled Shota in front of him and low blowed both of them, and taped them together to get a countout win! Yano exited with the dvd and cash. Moxley looked shocked in the ring, a lot of people looked shocked at home (I’m guessing). Yano lived up to the title of ‘Ultimate Spolier’ once again. Also, credit to Moxley for going all in on the comedy aspects of the match, he’s been presenting a more serious persona in the G1 but looked just as at home with a mad Yano match.

Tetsuya Naito v Juice Robinson was up next. Naito’s been having fun with his mindgames in this G1 and tonight he seemed to be enjoying mocking Juice’s fist pump. Juice did mock Tranquilo in return, though.

Naito beat Juice on the outside with dropkicks and throwing him into the barrier. He used Juice’s jabs, but Juice came back to show him how it’s done. This started a comeback for Juice, Naito got some offence in but was dropped by a full Nelson slam for 2. Hurricanrana from the top followed by a brilliant powerbomb by Juice for 2. Naito hit a painful looking high angle suplex on Juice’s neck.

Naito hit Destino for 2, called for it again, but Juice caught him with Juicebox instead. Naito had a nasty cut on his ear after that. Juice landed a right hand of God followed by a lariat for 2, missed Pulp Friction, then Naito hit a brainbuster for 2 then hit Destino for the win.

Next up was Taichi v Jay White – NJPW’s own Battle of the Bastards.

Both of them rolled out of the ring at the start, White got back in, Taichi stalled before he got back in. Kanemaru and Gedo shouted abuse at White and Taichi. They finally got into it on the outside. Gedo distracted Taichi by grabbing Miho.

White went for a lowblow but Taichi blocked it and hit one himself followed by Gedo clutch pin but Gedo pulled out the ref. Kanemaru tried Suntori Surprise but got hit taken out by Gedo. White hit a lowblow, Taichi countered blade runner, Kanemaru with Suntori Surprise and Taichi hit a powerbomb for 2. Gedo grabbed Taichi’s leg, Kanemaru took out Gedo. A few reversals of finishers then a brainbuster and Blade Runner by White for the win.

This wasn’t a classic, but it was fun for what it was, two heels trying to outdo each other to see who could go lowest.

The main event was Hirooki Goto v Tomohiro Ishii. They start by ramming into each other hard until Goto eventually knocked Ishii down. That set the tone for the match. It pretty much what you’d expect from these two, hammering each other for 20+ minutes. It was fantastic though! Got won with the GTR. This is definitely one to watch.

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