Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Night 15

Lance Archer v SANADA

Archer attacked SANADA during his entrance. They fought into the ring. Back outside the ring, Archer hit a running senton off the apron. They brawled, Archer smashed SANADA’s head into a camera.

SANADA tried to work on Archer’s leg, but when he charged Archer grabbed him and hit a big Blackhole Slam for 2.

He stood on SANADA’s neck but the referee refused to count it as a pin. He then stood on SANADA’s chest in the corner. Big slap to SANADA in the corner, then choked him against the rope. Archer shoulder charged SANADA several times in the corner but SANADA ran out and attacked the knee again.

Archer got knocked out of the ring, SANADA followed him with a pescado. Back in and Archer came back, threw SANADA at the ropes, he jumped over straight into a chokeslam attempt, flipped out of it into skull end but Archer got back out. Archer hit the chokeslam for 2.

Arxher tried a moonsault but missed, SANADA tried one and Archer got his knees up and into a pin for 2.

SANADA jumped into skull end but Archer countered into the EBD claw, SANADA backed into the ropes to force a break.

Archer tried Blackout but SANADA escaped into Skull End, he dropped to the mat but Archer reversed it and picked him up, a series of missed moves until SANADA rolled archer up into a clutch pin for the win!

This was a nice short match with SANADA barely able to get the victory over Archer. Both guys came out of it looking good.

Hiroshi Tanahashi v Bad Luck Fale

Jado hit Tanahashi with the kendo stick early, Fale shoved him out of the ring so Chase could attack him. Fale threw Tanahashi into a barrier, tied up his leg and kicked it, then wrapped it around the ring post. Chase dropped Tanya’s leg on the apron. Tanahashi came back with forearms, Fale punched his gut. Uppercut and a chin breaker, tried for a slam but Fale fell on him for 2.

Fale continued to work the knee in the corner. Tanahashi came back with more strikes but Fale shut him down. Tanahashi started going at Fale’s knee, hitting a dragon screw then almost locking in a cloverleaf but couldn’t turn him, so he hit an inverted dragon screw and locked in a figure four, Fale turned him over.

Fale tried a Grenade but Tanahashi slapped him, he got a waistlock and Fale rammed him. Tanahashi tried a sunset flip but Fale sat on him for 2, then hit a big splash for another 2. Fale tried Grenade again but Tanahashi countered with Twist and Shout followed by Slingblade for 2. He went to the top, and hit high fly flow to Fale’s back, went up again and got hit with a kendo stick. Fale crushed him in the corner and hit Grenade for 2, he picked Tanahashi up for Bad Luck Fall but Tanahashi escaped and tried a back slide, but Fale countered with his own for the pin.

Tanahashi looked frustrated after the match.

This was ok, I really think Tanahashi should have got the win, but I guess Fale needed to get some more points for credibility.

KENTA v Will Ospreay

Ospreay tried for the Oscutter early but couldn’t get it.

Kicks by KENTA, elbows by Ospreay. Ospreay charged him in the corner, he got a foot up then hit a modified satellite DDT to ram Ospreay’s throat into the rope. On the outside, KENTA threw Ospreay into the barricades then kicked him over the fourth one. Scoop slam to Ospreay on the floor followed by kicks to the back. He picked him up and rammed his head into the ringpost, rolled him back into the ring and pinned him for 2. Ospreay started coming back with chops but KENTA dropped him and hit a mid kick-then a knee to the gut off the ropes. He used a chinlock to wear Ospreay down, Ospreay pulled off his hands to escape and KENTA kicked him again then taunted him with boots to the head. Ospreay with stiff elbows and a stiff chop but KENTA kneed him in the gut. He picked Ospreay up but Ospreay turned it into a stunner. Ospreay started a comeback but KENTA caught him with a draping DDT for 2. He followed up by draping Ospreay over the top rope but missed a double stomp and Ospreay hit Pip Pip Cheerio for 2. Ospreay looked to be going for Stormbreaker, KENTA back dropped him, Ospreay with a handspring kick. KENTA caught him at the ropes, pulled him over and hit a falcon arrow on the apron. Ospreay back in at 19.

KENTA botched a springboard but went straight in with a big boot and a dropkick in the corner, followed by a double stomp from the top for 2. KENTA called for the end, tried for GTS but Ospreay blocked him with elbows, KENTA ran at him and Ospreay hit a dropkick, but KENTA came back with a psycho knee.

They started elbowing each other on the mat. KENTA with a palmstrike, Ospreay tried a powerbomb, KENTA countered with a guillotine. KENTA missed a PK and Ospreay hit a sit-out powerbomb for 2.

Ospreay went to the top, KENTA got his knees up to block the shooting star and locked in Game Over, Ospreay dragged him to get to the ropes for the break. KENTA with a knee to the back followed by psycho knee for 2. KENTA pulled his kneepad down, went for GTS but Ospreay rolled him up for 2, then hit a kick and an Oscutter for 2. Ospreay called for the end but couldn’t hit Stormbreaker, hit a hook kick and hidden blade, then Stormbreaker for the win.

That was great match dominated by KENTA. I’m disappointed that KENTA’s gone from a winning streak to a losing streak now, but Ospreay deserves all of the success he’s getting.

Kota Ibushi v Zack Sabre Jr

Enjoyed this match between two guys who always pull something good out of the bag. In this encounter, ZSJ was able to take advantage of Ibushi’s injured leg with submissions. Towards the end, he locked in Orienteering with Napalm Death, but Ibushi got to the ropes. ZSJ countered Bomaye with three consecutive pinfall attempts but couldn’t put Ibushi away. Ibushi came back with Bomaye and finally Kamigoye for the win.

EVIL v Okada

I was too distracted at the start of this match listening to Rocky and Kevin Kelly doing G1 maths. I was none the wiser about who needed how many points!

The match was a brilliant main event. They went to the outside early, and EVIL threw Okada over a barricade. Later, they headed out again after Okada dropkicked EVIL off the corner to the floor. When Okada went after him, EVIL threw a chair in his face, then did the chair baseball spot.

Back in the ring, they traded forearms, EVIL got the upper hand but Okada countered Darkness Falls and ended up hitting the Tombstone. EVIL managed to get away from a Rainmaker attempt, and was eventually able to hit a big clothesline. He hit Darkness Falls for 2, Okada then caught him with a short Rainmaker. He tried for a second, but EVIL dodged it and hit a German suplex. They started trading fisher attempts until EVIL hit Okada with a headbutt and a clothesline to take him down. EVIL went for Okada as he got back up, but Okada hit a clothesline and a shotgun dropkick. He hit spinning Rainmaker then a proper Rainmaker for the win.

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