Monday, January 27, 2020

NXT opened up with a superb match as the Purple Rain Maker Experience took on Murphy….. Sorry I mean Velveteen Dream defended his North American Championship against former Cruiser Weight Champion Buddy Murphy. This was a highly anticipated match and it didn’t disappoint, Murphy dominated the first part of the match almost winning the title after a hard knee. But Dream would mount a comeback and ultimately win but only after the action spilled outside of the ring. Murphy seemingly had Dream where he wanted him and rolled him back into the ring. But as he followed Velveteen back in, Dream recovered enough to nail Buddy with a famouser between the ropes, this was immediately followed up with the Dream Valley Driver and the Purple Rain Maker for the win and another successful title defence for the true Experience! 

We then saw the Street Profits in a backstage segment as they prepared to ask William Regal for a title shot. But the War Raiders had already beaten them to it asking for the match themselves and it will take place next week.

New NXT Champion Johnny Gargano would come out next to address the crowd but his promo was cut short by an irate Adam Cole who thinks he should be the Champ instead. As Gargano attempted to put Cole in his place he was attacked from behind by Rodrick Strong and needles to say the rest of the undisputed Era soon joined in. Later it would be revealed that Gargano had demanded and received a match against Strong, which did not seem to sit well with Cole. Could there be dissension in the ranks?  

The third match (if you can call it that) was between Dominik Dijakovic and enhancement talent Aaron Frye a huge big boot from the big Croat and that was it, Dijakovic was victorious. He then cut a so so promo and made it clear he wants a shot at Velveteen Dreams North American Championship. 

Then it was time for our main event as Kairi Sane would Challenge Shayna Baszler for the NXT women’s Championship. If Kairi failed to win she would get no more chances against the Queen of Spades. This was a short but competitive match with Sane using her quickness to take an early advantage. Almost getting a quick pin after a high risk manoeuvre but Shayna’s shoulders weren’t flat on the mat. A stiff knee to the chin changed the tide of the match and almost put Sane away. The action would swing back Kairi’s way once more until she missed Baszler with an elbow to the outside striking the barricade instead.  This left Sane in a bad way as she sold her elbow big time. But an unmoved and merciless Baszler would drag Sane back into the ring and work on the injured body part twisting Kairi’s elbow into various positions as she tried to force the submission. But the defiant Pirate Princess would hang on and insist on continuing the match ( not that Baszler was about to give her much choice). It wasn’t until Io Shirai came to the rescue that the match finally ended. Jumping into the ring and attacking Baszler Io would Intentionally Disqualify Sane to save her from herself. 

Baszler had won the match but it wouldn’t be enough as Duke and Shafir would grab hold of Io and make her watch as Shayna stamped on Kairi’s elbow. This was a dominant display by the Queen of Spades and Io looks set to be her next challenger….. rather her than me…..

Carl Pearce


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