Tuesday, January 21, 2020

This weeks show opened with a promo spot between Adam Cole and Johnny Gargano. Johnny now full baby face once again explained how he has worked hard and overcome rejection to make it this far and earn his spot. Cole countered that the match wouldn’t be definitive as Triple H suggested but would be undisputed! He also reminded everyone that he has significant back up with the Undisputed Era.

The next match was women’s tag team action as Vanessa Bourne & Aliyah took on Lacey Lane and Kacy Catanzaro. This was a brief match that was cut short when Shayna Baszler and the horse women came down to the ring. Bourne and Aliyah wasted no time in getting out of dodge leaving their opponents to face Shanya’s wrath. Lane ended up with a knee in the face and Catanzaro who tried her best to fight back ended up in Baszler’s kirfiuda clutch.

Matt riddle took on Kona Reeves in a nothing match. The real interest was when Velveteen Dream was pushed onto the stage on a couch *a very stylish one obviously* of all things by two very attractive women. This would momentarily distract Riddle but it wouldn’t help Reeves as the King of Bro’s would still win the bout with the Bromission. Riddle would then confront Dream at the top of the stage, telling Velveteen he would see him in New York. This should be an amazing encounter and your writer has no clue who will win.

A black mass and a 360 earned Black and Ricochet the win over the Forgotten Sons in a match that was better than I expected. Black and Ricochet really do seem able to get the best out of any opponent. This victory meant that Black and Ricochet were the winners of the Dusty Classic and will now receive a title shot in New York against the War Raiders. Who came down to the ring to stare down their Takeover opponents as the show closed.

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