Monday, January 27, 2020

As NXT started we were greeted with the familiar sound of Moterhead as Triple H carrying the recently vacated NXT Championship opened the show. Trips revealed that Tommaso Ciampa had just had neck surgery and had there for vacated his NXT Championship. The expected match between Johnny Gargano and Ciampa was off. A replacement to take on Johnny wrestling at Takeover New York, in a match that would now be two out of three falls needed to be found. Triple H’s solution? A fatal five-way between: Matt Riddle, Adam Cole, Ricochet, Aleister Black and Velveteen Dream. Turning this episode into a one match show.

We would then see promos form the five competitors stating that they would win the match. In between these segments we would see footage of Ciampa’s visit to the hospital and hear from his surgeon. Who would reveal that the procedure had been a complete success. Though he could be looking at a good 12 months before he can make his in ring return.
We then went to an interview with the sky pirates who were rudely interrupted by Bianca Belair who appears to be heel again. And still referring to herself as Which to your writer makes less sense every time I hear it.

The main event was a very good match with each of the five men given their chance to shine and getting the bulk of their move sets in. A particular highlight was the five man Superplex which needs to be seen to be believed. As the match neared its conclusion it looked as if Ricochet had it won as he attempted to cover Matt Riddle after hitting him with a shooting star press. *Riddle had also taken Black Mass*. But Adam Cole ran in and nailed Ricochet from behind with his shinning wizard for the pin fall victory.
So at Takeover New York it will be Adam Cole vs Johnny Gargano for the Vacant NXT Championship. What a match this will be.

Carl Pearce

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