Monday, January 27, 2020

by Callum Hogan

It’s been a long time but we are back to look at those lovely stats this time we are taking a look at Summerslam.

So with 31 different shows in the book let’s see who the biggest winners and losers are.

*Note: Pre-show, Free for All and Sunday Night Heat matches were counted but dark matches were not counted..

Over the 30 years 304 different wrestlers have had a match at Summerslam with 63 of these wrestlers having 100% record at the event unsurprisingly over half of these 43 in fact only have scored 1 win at Summerslam including newcomers from last year including Andrade and Zelina Vega (who defeated Rusev and Lana on last year’s pre-show). As well as people who were victorious on the first ever show such as Dino Bravo and the Barbarian.

Again it probably isn’t a shock to learn that Hulk Hogan has the best streak at Summerslam being 6-0 at the event.

As far as this year’s event 3 current stars are 3 of the 7 who are joint tied for the 3rd best record at Summerslam with a 3 match unbeaten streak those are Charlotte, Finn Balor and Natalya so it looks like Charlotte will be the lone star on a 4-0 record after this even (although i’m not 100% sure on the Becky Natalya match (Side note: weirdly enough Bart Gunn is one of the people on 3-0).

Now to the losers: 124 superstars have never gotten a win at Summerslam with 87 of those only being a 1 and done with just 1 loss at the event. The top 3 superstars with the most losses without a win is Booker T who is 0-5, Matt Hardy who is 0-6 and Jeff Hardy who is 0-7. So the Hardy boys can’t buy a win Jeff losing the most high profile matches including the main event of 2009 against CM Punk and last year to Shinsuke Nakamura.

Brock Lesnar will be main eventing his 6th Summerslam in a row and his 7th in the last 8 years since his return, the only year he didn’t main event being 2013 against CM Punk.

Now to finish time to talk about overall stats the most matches at the biggest party of the summer belongs to The Undertaker with 16 matches Taker also has  the most wins at Summerslam with 10 the other 6 being 5 losses and 1 draw in 2000 against Kane.

He says it should have been him, well in this case it is. Dolph Ziggler is the man with the most draws at Summerslam with 2 in 2010 against Kofi due to Nexus inference and against Rusev in 2015 which would end in a double count.

Now this pains me to talk about but the most losses in Summerslam history goes to the face that runs the place big match John Cena is has 9 losses compared to his 5 wins at the event (and people say he never puts anyone over). This makes him the man with the second most matches at the event Cena’s most memorable losses came against Daniel Bryan in 2013 and AJ Styles in 2016 in the second of their 3 Phenomenal 1 on 1 matches during mid 2016 and early 2017 and of course the one sided beatdown which came at the hands of Brock Lesnar in 2014 where after 16 German Suplexes the 5 year on and off Brock Lesnar title runs would begin.

Well guys I hope you enjoyed the sats and enjoy the amazing weekend of wrestling we have ahead of us.

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