Tuesday, January 21, 2020

by Robert Percy

As armchair bookers, we often have moments where we watch matches (especially any that happen on a big PPV like Summerslam) and we think, “erm… what the hell was that finish?” I certainly have quite a few times and so, with the biggest party of the summer coming up soon, I decided to list a few Summerslam matches where the wrong person won, something utterly stupid happened during the finish or maybe something else that raised a few eyebrows for the wrong reasons.

Team Nexus vs Team WWE (2010)

The Nexus should have won. That’s something that goes pretty much without debate whenever this match is discussed. It was all going really well until John Cena skidded out of the way of Justin Gabriel’s top rope splash (after being DDT’d by Wade Barrett on concrete, lest we forget that) and won the match by being good old Super Cena. It’s one of the stupidest and most frustrating finishes to a PPV main event that’s ever been seen and the worst part is that it wasn’t even entirely John Cena’s fault – according to Wade Barrett himself, it was Vince McMahon who made the call to have John Cena win the match for Team WWE as the sole remaining member because he thought it would send the crowds home happy. Multiple members of the match including Edge, Chris Jericho and probably John Cena himself think that Wade Barrett should have been the one to really go over in this match and I think they can speak for us all in that regard. It was a stupid finish that made the biggest heel faction in the WWE at the time look stupid and it killed what could have been one of the best storylines in recent years. It probably speaks volumes that out of all of the members of The Nexus at the time of the match, the only one who still remains with the company is the perennial and beloved jobber Heath Slater.

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