Monday, January 20, 2020

The Brothers of Destruction (w/ Sara) vs DDP and Chris Kanyon (2001)

Oh my. There aren’t many career burials that are bigger than this one. DDP had already got off to a bad start on his entry into the WWE with him being the stalker of The Undertaker’s (real life!) wife Sara, but things just went from bad to worse once this 2 on 2 cage match had run its course. The poor team of DDP and Kanyon were made to look like absolute fools by Undertaker and Kane, denying them any further chance of a serious push in the WWE. The “DDP as a crazy stalker” storyline shouldn’t have even happened at all in the first place, but if this whole thing just absolutely had to happen, the pair of him and Kanyon should have had a much better treatment during this match than the complete burial they got here thanks to the match’s terrible finish. Thankfully, DDP managed to go on to be better used in TN-oh, wait, he didn’t. Oh dear. Kanyon was released from his contract 2 years later and carried on in the independents until he tragically killed himself in 2010 after struggling for years with his bipolar disorder.

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