Monday, January 20, 2020

Lex Luger vs Yokozuna (1993)

This one is just plain odd. At the time Lex Luger had been repackaged as a spiritual successor to Hulk Hogan as an all-American hero, battling the evil Japanese baddie Yokozuna (who was actually Samoan, but everyone knows that). Summerslam 1993 was originally intended to be the culmination of Lex’s journey where he would win the WWF Championship, but due to a lot of locker room protests the finish was changed to a DQ with Luger celebrating afterwards as if he had won the title. This makes for some seriously odd viewing if you ever watch the match back and it makes you wonder if either Lex should have lost via shenanigans or if the whole Lex Luger experiment should have even happened at all. This match and its really, really bewildering finish is probably one of the biggest reasons as to why the Lex Express came to a screeching halt and eventually Luger ditched the WWF for WCW, where he was booked much more appropriately for his character and wrestling skills.

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