Monday, January 20, 2020

Christian vs William Regal (2009)

Christian vs Regal in the late 00s? Surely that should be a technical masterpiece of a match chock full of brilliant in-ring storytelling and classic wrestling comedy? Well, that is exactly what didn’t happen when the two heinously underrated wrestlers faced off at that year’s Summerslam. Their match lasted, from bell to bell, approximately 8 seconds. EIGHT. That’s not a typo. Wasting what could have potentially been an amazing workhorse match by reducing it to an 8 second squash is possibly one of the dumbest decisions the WWE has ever made and because of that, what could have been a really memorable PPV match on the level of a Savage vs Steamboat has now become an almost totally forgotten footnote in both mens’ careers (which is the only reason why this match is very low on the list comparatively – most wrestling fans have no idea that it even happened!). What a shame.

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