Monday, January 27, 2020
Making history…

On the outside things are looking good for WWEs women’s division. The trio of Becky, Ronda and Charlotte main evented Wrestlemania to a sold out arena. Becky Lynch still feels like the companies biggest star and is selling merchandise by the absolute truck load! 

About 20% of Becky Lynch’s available merchandise on

But peer just below the surface and the cracks are there for all to see, and they are only getting larger. Let’s look at the facts: firstly WWE were forced to transition the SmackDown women’s championship from Asuka to Charlotte, due to a lack of credible challengers for said Championship, leaving poor Asuka out in the cold mere days before Wrestlemania. It also appears more and more likely that we won’t be seeing anything of Ronda Rousey for some time as she reportedly leaves WWE to start a family. Add to this Nia Jax’s injury announcement and recent news of Sasha Banks’ frustration and apparent wish to leave the company (and you can bet your bottom dollar Sasha isn’t the only one). This leaves WWE with very few legit top stars or Championship contenders, if you will, on the main roster. Just three come straight to mind: Charlotte, Becky & Asuka. Bayley has been pushed too far down the mid-card and is in need of a serious character overhaul to feel like a top star again. Alexa Bliss has been on the shelf for a long time and needs to be built back up, although she is one of the best on the mic her in ring work is lightyears behind the top three. This is not a thriving division but one currently in turmoil.

A roster stacked with talent!

So what do WWE need to do to fix this problem? Well the answers are surprisingly close to hand. Ember Moon, Ruby Riott and Nikki Cross have all the credentials to be considered top stars and at the very least championship contenders.  A quick trip to Orlando to developmental brand NXT where the likes of Kairi Sane, Io Shairi and current NXT women’s champion Shayna Baszler, not to mention the likes of Chelsea Green, are all great competitors who can be pushed straight into top feuds. An 8 hour flight across the pond reveals even more talent in the ranks of NXT UK. Rhea Ripley and the winner of the Mae Young classic, and NXT UK women’s Champ, Toni Storm, could easily transition to the main roster to feud with Becky and co. as well as recent signings Viper and Kay Lea Ray. Killer Kelly also showed huge potential in her cracking match against Meiko Satomura in the MYC.  So it has to be asked, why isn’t WWE utilising these incredible women to the fullest of their abilities? As Becky Lynch tweeted recently, in what was a worked tweet I should mention, WWE seems to have a type. When you consider the recent pushes of Carmella, Alexa Bliss, Mandy Rose, Charlotte and more recently Lacey Evens it’s hard to disagree. It would also be fair to say that the pushes of Rose and Carmella fell pretty flat as both failed to get over and make a significant impact and Lacey has yet to prove herself between the ropes. Though she will have to soon, as she looks set to challenge double champion Becky Lynch, no pressure there then!

Will this “Lady” shake up the women’s division?

So let’s see WWE “shake up” their women’s division and utilise these under valued and under appreciated women that they have beneath their corporate umbrella. 

The future of women’s wrestling?

And if they want to add even more talent to their women’s roster a raid of Impact’s knockout division wouldn’t be the worst idea in the world. As the likes of Tessa Blanchard, Scarlett Bordeaux ( a Vince woman if ever I saw one), Jordynne Grace, Rosemary and Knock Out champ Taya Valkyrie would all bring something unique to WWE. And maybe they need to get their check book out before AEW come calling. 

So even though things aren’t as good in WWE’s women’s division as they would have us all believe the answers are simple and staring them right in the face. But will creative finally see what they have in front of them and can they be trusted to book them correctly?……………

Carl Pearce

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