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Welcome to this week in wrestling here at ropebreak, where we look at some of the key and biggest moments from a week in wrestling

Here are 5 moments from the week beginning March 18th

A Beast Debuts- March 18th, 2002

When you think of Brock Lesnar now, you think of the suplexing beast incarnate, only turns up when he can be bothered WWE Universal Champion. However back in 2002 Brock Lesnar was The Next Big Thing and he made sure he was by obliterating three wrestlers in one night.

It’s the night after Wrestlemania X8 during a hardcore match between Maven and Al Snow (also a interfering Spike Dudley), a mysterious figure jumps over the barricade and into the ring and delivers a Spinebuster onto Al Snow through a trash can, a F5 to Maven (it wasn’t called the F5 yet) and then killed Spike Dudley, Spike hit Lesnar with a stick it didn’t effect who clothesline Spike and hit three vicious looking powerbombs while holding onto him.

Brock certainly made an impact and while he was doing that a man was standing at ringside screaming instructions to Lesnar which was later revealed to be Paul Heyman who had been fired after the Invasion ended.

Lesnar would later go on to win the King of the Ring and the WWE Undisputed Championship within the first six months of his debut, he was certainly the next big thing.

Bret Pulls Double Duty- Wrestlemania X- March 20th, 1994

It’s safe to say Bret Hart had a mix night at Wrestlemania X, the event which took place inside Madison Square Garden started off badly for the Hitman when he lost to bitter rival and younger brother Owen in an instant classic and by the end of the night won the WWF championship in the main event against Yokozuna so it ended positively for the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be.

Yokozuna also pulled double duty that night, as he defended the WWF title earlier in the night against Lex Luger, Luger was given the title shot first after he won a coin toss against Bret after they both won the 1994 Royal Rumble. Yokozuna retained via DQ.

Another moment was the first PPV ladder match in WWF history when Razor Ramon and Shawn Michaels competed for the undisputed WWF Intercontinental Championship and this match was given 5 STARS!!! By Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer and rightfully so it is a fantastic match but this writer preferred Bret/Owen.

Greatest Segment in RAW History? – March 22nd 1999

Before RAW 1000 in 2012, WWE released a DVD on the top 100 moments in RAW and this moment/segment was voted as the number 1 but is it? What do you think is the greatest moment in RAW history?

Anyway, it’s the BEER BATH!!! On the go home episode of RAW before Wrestlemania 15, The Rock, Vince and Shane McMahon aka The Corporation were in the ring running down Stone Cold Steve Austin before Rock/Austin 1

Austin music hits and arrives in the arena in a beer truck, Austin climbs to the top of the truck and runs down the Corporation, then Austin grabs the hose and sprays Vince, Shane and The Rock in beer. The image of Vince swimming in the beer is amazing, Austin finishes with a few beers on top of the truck.

The Double Turn- Wrestlemania 13- March 23rd

If there ever was one match that saves a Wrestlemania then maybe this is the one you think of, Bret Hart vs Stone Cold Steve Austin in a submission match at Wrestlemania 13.

If this match doesn’t happen or was as good as it was then Mania 13 would be considered maybe one of the worst of all time, it still is because the rest of the show doesn’t deliver.

The match is a brutal brawl along with some excellent technical wrestling thrown and it ends with a changing of the guard so to speak, before the match Bret Hart was the babyface and Austin was the heel and by the end the roles would be reversed. Bret locks in the sharpshooter on Austin who is a bloody mess at this point tries desperately to get to the ropes and try and break the sharpshooter but in the end passes out with pain and Bret wins but refuses to let go.

Special guest referee Ken Shamrock breaks it up and Bret leaves to chorus of boos and Austin once he regains conscious leaves to cheers and begins the rise of Stone Cold.

WWF Buys WCW- March 23rd, 2001

The final nail in the WCW coffin, their rivals buy them out. A week earlier TNT announced they had cancelled Nitro and Thunder and WCW were put up for sale by Ted Turner

There were rumours weeks before the conformation that Vince and the WWF were buying their rivals.

Then the conformation was well confirmed.

“STAMFORD, Conn., March 23, 2001 – World Wrestling Federation Entertainment, Inc. (NYSE: WWF) today announced its purchase of the World Championship Wrestling (WCW) brand from Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. (TBS Inc.), a division of AOL Time Warner.

The purchase of WCW creates a tag team partnership with the World Wrestling Federation brand that is expected to propel the sports entertainment genre to new heights.”

The purchase of WCW was used In the Vince and Shane McMahon in their Wrestlemania 17 match but won’t give too much away.

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