Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Despite its pretensions more than ever to be recognised as a third brand, NXT is, at the end of the day, a developmental league. That means some people will stick and some people just, well… won’t. For the people who do stick, however, they stick in everyone’s minds for a long, long time. Following the crowning of The Street Profits as the new NXT Tag Team Champions, we’ve decided to rank the previous 15 title holders from the very worst to the very best!

15. British Ambition

Starting this list off with the first NXT tag team champions, shortly winning the titles from the Wyatt Family in an average match, Oliver Grey got injured leaving Neville to flounder with the Tag titles, eventually losing them to the Wyatts while teaming with Bo Dallas. 

14. Neville and Corey Graves

Another mismatched team I felt didn’t really work, they also had a very uneventful reign but their reign was during the pre takeover days so long uneventful title runs were common. 

13. The Wyatt Family

While they held the titles in the earlier days of the titles existence, I feel their characters really helped carry their reign, while they didn’t have the most exciting matches, having Bray at ringside really helped them I feel. 

12. The Vaudevillians

This may be the first case of “this is my own personal opinion” but the match they had at the first NXT Takeover Brooklyn was the first really great tag match I’d seen in NXT and while they only held the titles a few months before losing them to the revival, I felt their Brooklyn match was enough to carry their reign in my opinion to the number 12 spot of this list. 

11. Blake and Murphy 

It might come as a surprise these guys were ranked so high with me but I must admit I’m a sucker for a tag team with a valet and having Alexa Bliss I felt it really added to them as a team, it also helped that these guys were extremely solid in the ring having great matches with the Vaudevillians and the Lucha Dragons. 

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