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I love wrestling, which by default means I love Wrestlemania season, Royal Rumble 2019 was excellent, Elimination Chamber 2019 was excellent, life is excellent, its Wrestlemania. I wanna go ahead and preface this with; NO I don’t think The Undertaker will have a match this year so Cheer up, 500k for an appearance is a LOT of money and I want Pyro. 

The Grandaddy of them all is entering its 35th instalment, an age at which you may expect it to settle down, find a life partner and have some kids, but instead( just like anyone after 3 tequilas) its as unpredictable as ever, Seth Rollins won the mens Royal Rumble match and chose to face Mr Attendance himself Brock Lesnar, Becky Lynch has gone nuts and found an affinity for crutch based warfare and Drax the Destroyer himself has returned to beat up 70 year old legends. All of this can mean only one thing; it’s time for me to take you through a fun factory of predictions for Wrestlemania 35.

The Wrestlemania Women’s Battle Royal
Buddy Murphy vs Tony Nese – Cruiserweight Championship Match

Pre Show: it will be far too long filled with video packages and probably lots of Sam Roberts but I’m sure Buddy Murphy and Tony Nese will put on a clinic for the cruiserweight title with Murphy winning. I don’t know who will win the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle royal but it’ll probably lead nowhere for them and I imagine Nikki Cross or Ember Moon (if she returns by then) will win the Women’s version.

The Revival vs The Hardy Boys vs The Usos – WWE Tag Team Championship Unification Match

Finally. Even typing the Pre Show section felt too long, after the national anthem is out the way and we find out Kevin Dunn can still do pyro displays i’m thinking the tag titles will be unified once again.

The Hardy’s transcend time and space and here is the chance to show that they can still go, with another Wrestlemania TLC match. I don’t think they will win but it could be mental with Jeff inevitably jumping off something and the Revival unifying the tag titles.

Prediction – The Revival wins Via Pinfall

The Miz vs Shane McMahon

Look we all knew this one was coming but, The Miz will face Shane McMahon. I adore Miz and will kinda accept Shane is a passable wrestler for his age and an incredible athlete. Im predicting that this match will happen and Miz will win and then hug his dad. 

Prediction – The Miz wins Via Pinfall

Asuka vs Lacey Evans – Smackdown Women’s Championship Match

Asuka is one of the most talented workers on the planet, not just for her gender, but in general and she deserves probably more then I’m giving her here but I think she will face Lacey Evans. Evans is a ‘lady’ who didn’t do herself any favours with her 2019 Royal Rumble match performance but, if rumours are to be believed she shows great promise (somewhere) and has talent but outside of knowing she’s a decent promo and can make a weird entrance I can’t back that up, this could be one of those sleepers matches but Asuka needs to win this and will.

Prediction – Asuka wins Via Submission

AJ Styles vs Randy Orton *SIGH*

I do not care in the slightest but I’m sure the RKO spot will be great. Orton wins because why not?

Prediction – Randy Orton wins Via Pinfall

Samoa Joe vs Rey Mysterio vs Andrade – WWE United States Championship Match

I hope and pray this match happens and actually gets time to be the classic it has all the potential to be! I don’t know obviously how long Mr 619 has left but he’s clearly still got some magic behind that mask. Samoa Joe is fantastic, even if for me his act is getting a bit boring since I’ve been watching him since TNA, he can still put on the big matches and Andrade has everything needed to be the very top guy and he should win and cement that. Given time, this will steal the show. Andrade rules and I love him. 

Prediction – Andrade wins Via Pinfall

Finn Balor vs EC3 vs Apollo vs Lio Rush

I can’t really explain this match but I also don’t really see who faces Finn Balor and how this makes it onto the card. WWE seem to really like Lio Rush, EC3 is the future and Apollo can put on a killer match even if he is truly a vacuum of charisma. This should be pre show but I like Balor too much and have put this more out of hope. Balor wins 

Prediction – Finn Balor wins Via Pinfall

Sasha Banks & Bayley vs Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville –
WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Match

The Boss ‘n’ Hug Connection realistically deserve a better and more featured match than this but I just cannot see where that comes from given the current main roster options! Mandy and Sonya are rapidly improving and I’m sure it’ll be better than it sounds but Bayley and Sasha Banks should and will win. 

Prediction – Boss ‘n’ Hug Connection win Via Submission

Triple H vs Batista

First off, we all know Triple H’s entrance will go on and on and on. Big Dave is someone I loved as a kid and I still really love him now. Him being a heel really makes me intrigued for this match but the worry for me is that it’ll be too long and drawn out but we shall see. HHH wins thanks to Ric Flair I imagine.

Prediction – Triple H wins Via Pinfall

Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn

 I think Sami Zayn will cost Kevin Owens his WWE championship opportunity at WWE Fastlane and thus build to this match. Giving these men a No DQ match could just cause them to top one of their famous ROH matches. They’re both excellent performers and deserve a big Mania match. Sami would need the win more for me and then split them up through the draft. 

Prediction – Sami Zayn wins Via Pinfall

Elias Musical Extravaganza

He will sing a pretty song before Mr Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson interrupts, sings an even prettier song before laying the Smackdown on Elias and cutting a promo about “Fighting With My Family” or something.

Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose & John Cena vs
Baron Corbin, Drew McIntyre & Bobby Lashley

“THE BIG DAWG” needs a Wrestlemania match but so does Big Match John. I’m using absolute guess work here and guessing Cena won’t mind playing the role of extra Shield man and the terrible trio of Corbin, Drew and Bob who really do not deserve a Wrestlemania match will probably get one. The Shield plus Cena wins obviously. I think the Dean Ambrose leaving WWE angle is a work so won’t even factor.

Prediction – John Cena, Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns win Via Pinfall

Daniel Bryan vs Kofi Kingston – WWE Championship Match

His time is here, his time is now! Kofi Kingston gets a title match at Mania and its a big one. This would be great, crowd will be going mental and everyone will be behind Kofi and honestly, I think he wins. Kofi in my opinion lifts the gold (hemp) at Mania, and whilst I don’t think his reign will be particularly long, he deserves it and Mania deserves it. 

Prediction – Kofi Kingston wins Via Pinfall

Brock Lesnar vs Seth Rollins – WWE Universal Championship Match

So, here we go. I don’t think Seth Rollins is winning this match. I think he gets close, very close. But ultimately I think the beast reigns again at Mania. This match will be awesome, top level Brock Lesnar matches always are but I just do not see Seth winning. Especially since this will not main event the show it gives WWE the perfect chance to keep the title on Part Time Brock. 

Prediction – Brock Lesnar wins Via Pinfall

Ronda Rousey vs Charlotte Flair vs Becky Lynch – Raw Women’s Championship Match

This match will main event Wrestlemania 35. You can take your hot takes about Stone Cold Becky Lynch, The Chosen one Charlotte Flair or Forgetful line Ronda Rousey and leave them outside the front door because this is the main event, a main event hasn’t been this hot since Daniel Bryan’s rise to the WWE Championship in 2014. This needs to main event and it will. They will tear the house down because they’re just that good. Becky will win, she has to. Any other outcome will simply just not end well for Mania.

Prediction – Becky Lynch wins Via Submission

There we go everyone, that is what I think happens at Mania based on what we know at this moment, as always it will be a mixture of good and bad, new and old but it has all the potential to be an awesome show!

By Nathan Greenway

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