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Money in the Bank comes around once a year and is fastly becoming one of the most popular Pay-Per-Views in the calendar year. And with this year’s addition in the books, (and my first official review!) let’s take a look over and get my thoughts on Money in the Bank 2019.

Pre Show

The Usos Vs Daniel Bryan and Rowan

Typical flying Uso shenanigans with a great counter from an elbow drop into the Labell lock courtesy of Bryan. The finish came with a double superkick to Bryan, countering his suicide dive, hitting Captain Planet with the Double Uce for the 3 count.

Not really sure what the point of this match was. No belts were on the line, neither party had anything to gain from the encounter, but it was an overall good showing. Exactly what expect to see from both parties. A good solid first match of the night.

Winners: Usos

Main Show

Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder match

I’ll go out on a limb and say that this was possibly the best Womens MITB match we have ever had. Those 8 women literally gave it all, doing crazy spots that the previous matches wouldn’t even dare to attempt and while it was a tough call to pick a winner going into the match, it’s fair to say the right gal won.

This match was just a free-for-all of action. Naomi was the true MVP of the match, doing her utmost with some of the more creative spots in the venture, all while looking like a 70’s bumblebee. Running across the ladders from one corner of the ring to the other was just a thing of beauty.

Ember Moon came in second running with that stunning eclipse, but the spot of the match has to go to Sonia Deville for literally carrying Mandy Rose up the ladder and placing her on the top rungs. It looked like a pretty simple spot but that could have ended horribly if poorly executed (just goes to show how much they trust each other!) And having Bayley chase them up the opposing side was a great move. With the Huggable one unhooking the briefcase.

Winner: Bayley

Samoa Joe(c) vs Rey Mysterio

This match lasted 1 minute and 36 seconds. A match then I am almost certain was shorter than their bout at Wrestlemania, and is almost too short to give a full review. Simply because (I think) this match was intentionally cut short, due to Joe breaking his nose during the match. The blood was pouring down the guy’s face with the Ref making the decision to call the three count after Mysterio hit him up in a surprise roll up. (even with Joe having his shoulder up at the time).

From the post-match beat down involving Rey’s son Dominic, I think it was safe to say that maybe Rey was supposed to get the victory. But to have the match cut so short after knowing what these two can put on in a ring is pretty heartbreaking.C

Winner (and finally a Grand Slam Champ): Rey Mysterio

The Miz Vs Shane McMahon

The one thing I have loved about this feud is the role reversal. We’re so used to seeing Miz portray the cowardly heel and Shane being the risk taker its refreshing to see the roles flip reversed. Shane trying to escape at every opportunity, with Miz dragging him back was just pure brilliance. However in saying that, I don’t think this is the last we will see of these two just yet.

After a hot start to the match, the flame fizzled out pretty quickly the attention of the audience who provide the arena with their usual disapproving chants. However, with the steel chair being introduced certainly gave the match a little more credibility. For a blood feud involving two guys who supposedly HATE each other, I was expecting more. The best spot of the match came with Miz countering the Coast to Coast by catching him mid-flight and putting him straight into a figure four leg lock. The end came with Miz chasing an escaping McMahon up the side of the cage, trying to pull him back as best he could, even grabbing and yanking him by the shirt. Only for Shane to avoid Miz’s attempts and drop down  .

Winner: The Best In The Wooooooooorld! Shane McMahon.

Tony Nese(c) Vs Ariya Daivari

The Cruiserweights on the main show?! That’s an achievement in its self. While this match was your standard billed Cruiserweight contest, the crowd just did not get behind it, and that really hindered the match. Daivari made some obvious ‘mistakes’ during the match and sadly I still can’t get behind Nese. However, the corkscrew he dd over the top rope was pretty spectacular. Some close near falls didn’t really catch anyone by surprise, and Nese got the win with his Running Nese.R

Winner: Tony Nese

Becky Lynch(c) Vs Lacey Evans

I just want to take a moment to appreciate Lacy Evans in general. I absolutely adore her character. Her style, her in-ring ability, its no wonder she is pegged for big things in the future. Also, it was nice to see she had come cosplaying as a Lotad. (Pokémon reference for those not cool enough).

In my mind, I pegged this match as not being anything too spectacular and I am happy to say I was pleasantly surprised. The Hankie spot was genius, Beck on form as always, and if that’s the level we can expect from Evans at all times then I am very excited to see what else she can provide for us. Becks getting the win with a Disarm-her, which came as no surprise to anyone.S

Winner: Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch(c) Vs Charlotte Flair

With Becky not even a toe on the ramp, Charlotte’s music hit and I groaned so loudly it disturbed my cat who was sleeping peacefully next to me. From that moment I knew exactly how this was going to play out next… and what-do-you-know what? It did just that.

A standard Becky/ Charlotte match up with Becky portrayed as the exhausted underdog (again). Pretty average competition, with the unsurprising Lacey Evans involvement (who I assume was hiding at ringside) giving the aided victory to Charlotte. The only saving grace was we no longer have to see Charlotte Vs Becky anymore.

Winner: Charlotte Flair

… but wait… there was more!

While Becky got the beat down of Charlotte and Lacey, the newly crowned Miss Money in the Bank came to Becky 1-belts aid. And after helping even the score decided the cash in her briefcase (is this now a newly written rule that the women have to cash in on the same night?) Massive crowd pop, I wasn’t expecting it. All was well in the end.

New Smackdown Women’s Champion: Bayley

Elias Vs Roman Reigns

Again, a very short match (if you could call it that). This was more a promo with an added pinfall. I love Elias, he is quite easily the best thing in WWE right now. After a backstage ambush on Reigns, Elias head to the ring and possible for the first time in his career managed to complete a ‘gig’ including all his best hits “Your town stinks” and “Too bad you don’t have a Sports team.” With the gig over he headed back up the ramp straight into the oncoming Superman Punch.U

Winner: Roman Reigns

Seth Rollins(c) Vs AJ Styles

Oh My goodness, this match! It was exactly what you would expect between Rollins and AJ and so much more. Heart-stopping near falls, mad flips/jumps/dives, and crazy looking counters and reversals. Including Rollin’s Stomp into a Styles Clash! How is that even possible!! Rollins picked up the win with the usual kick/stomp combo. And added a nice touch of class with a sportsmanship handshake at the end. Definitely want more from these two in the future, please. Easily match of the night.

Winner: Seth Rollins

Quick intermission while Lucha House Party get demolished by Lars Sullivan… lol

Kofi Kingston(c) Vs Kevin Owens

The match started off hot and kept a steady pace, but following the barn burner of a match between AJ and Seth, it didn’t feel like it compared. Both men got in a decent amount of offence, but with a missed Swanton bomb and a trouble in paradise saw the victory going to Kingston. While I felt it didn’t match up content wise to its Raw counterpart don’t mistake that for a poor-quality match. Both men gave as good as they could but being in the sleeper position before the main event was probably more of a   than a help. Hopefully, this isn’t the end for these two and we can see what they both can really do.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match

So, apparently you don’t even have to be in the match to win the briefcase, that’s cool… good to know for future reference.

The poor choice of winners’ aside… this match in itself was as expected. A high paced, fast action, brutal spots rendition that we have come to love with these types of matches. Finn was definitely the MVP of the match, taking all those brutal looking ladder spots, 4 in total. His back must be in bits today. But the spot of the match comes to us courtesy of Baron Corbin, with his reversal from Ricochets suicide dive into a Deep six. That was a thing of pure beauty.

Winner: Brock Lesnar?!?!

My overall thoughts on the show.

I honestly really enjoyed the show, which is a rare sentence when talking about the WWE product as of late. However, that main event ending dampened my satisfaction a little. On paper, the card for this year’s show was stacked. And while it lagged and dragged in some places, the overall view of the show was a positive one. But that closing shot of Leasner holding the case left a sour taste in my mouth. Especially with the looming possibility, he could become champion again…

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