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WWE POWER 10 RANKING – 17.03.2019
We, at Rope Break, are here to rank the top 10 superstars from this week’s RAW and SmackDown Live. The superstars are ranked based on various aspects including victories, promos, and angles. Truth be told, slim pickings this week. The good were awesome. A lot of it was mediocre. Saying that, let’s dive into this week’s Power 10.

The Power 10

10) Kurt Angle
Despite the announcement of Corbin as his final opponent left a sour taste in people’s mouths, Angle picked up a win against Chad Gable in his farewell tour of sorts.

9) Elias
After being interrupted by the conga line during his moment of bliss interview, he was attacked by No Way Jose which led to a match which Elias dominated and won fairly easily. Good showing.

8) Kevin Owens
Kevin Owens was the host to his show which featured Charlotte and Becky Lynch. Owens was hilarious and played his role as the antagonist brilliantly. However, he fulfilled no real purpose.

7) Batista
Batista cut a solid promo from his home, highlighting the fact that he doesn’t need the WWE anymore. All he wants is a chance to end the career of the man who brought him to the dance. Solid stuff.

6) IIconics
After weeks of calling out Sasha and Bayley, they finally got a chance to show the champions they’re not easy pickings and in the end, the iiconics picked up a much needed victory, giving them huge momentum heading into Mania.

5) Daniel Bryan
Bryan cut an awesome promo, calling Kofi a B+ player, highlighting how his career has come full circle. Brilliant story-telling. And him being the 6th man to ruin Kofi’s big moment was perfect

4) Ronda Rousey
Ronda has really found her form with her heel persona. Her match with Dana Brooke went exactly how it should have. A quick and brutal Beatdown. Her beating down the security to the point where her husband, Travis Browne had to step in was awesome as well.

3) The Miz
If you weren’t hyped for the Shane Miz match at Mania, you should be after that promo. The MIz cut one of the best promos of his career, talking about how Shane helped him find the love and respect from his father. He talked about Shane McMahon saying he’s not the best in the world because he’s a McMahon. He was born the worst. He said after 13 years, he has earned his spot. A great impassioned promo!

2) Drew McIntyre
Drew McIntyre has been on a roll lately. After disposing off Roman and Dean on the last show, he was set to face the no.1 contender to the universal title, Seth Rollins. After cutting a great promo on Roman, Drew went on to have an great match with Rollins before a distraction from Lesnar allowed Drew to pick up the win against a top star. The stock of McIntyre keeps on heading up.

Kofi Kingston
After the announcement of the gauntlet match on the previous week, we knew were in for an emotional roller coaster and boy, did they deliver. Kofi, through grit and determination, made it past all the 5 opponents to earn his spot at Mania until big Vinnie Mac came in to spoil the day, announcing a 6th opponent, Daniel Bryan. Perfect story-telling. Gives Kofi more sympathy and support heading into Mania and I, for one, can’t wait!

That is it for this week’s WWE Power 10. Tune in next week to see who makes the list in the final days before Wrestlemania 35!

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