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We, at Rope Break, are here to rank the top 10 superstars from this week’s RAW and SmackDown Live. The superstars are ranked based on various aspects including victories, promos, and angles. This week we kickstarted the journey towards Money In The Bank 2019 as the men and women of Raw and Smackdown Live gained their opportunity at becoming the future Mr or Mrs Money In The Bank!

10. Baron Corbin

Never a popular choice on just about any list, Baron Corbin may be the most loathed individual on either roster in WWE today. Despite how much fans would gladly see him anywhere bar their TV, he still carries a lot of heat with him. When the Raw Money In The Bank ladder match participants were announced, nobody got more heat than Corbin which is saying a lot considering Braun Strowman and Drew McIntyre were also involved in the same segment.

9. Bayley

Bayley is continuing along her road to redeeming her character after about 3 years of being pretty terrible. She followed up a loss to Charlotte Flair last week with a loss to Becky Lynch this week in a first time ever clash between the two (if you don’t watch NXT). Whilst it may be questionable to have Bayley not win any matches since joining Smackdown Live, hopefully it leads to some sort of character shift as Bayley has been performing at a much higher level as of late which is a big positive for her.

8. Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins truly feels like the face of WWE right now. His stint as Universal Champion is about the only thing that feels like main event worthy television on Raw coming out of WrestleMania. WWE have decided to go with Styles vs Rollins pretty quickly which may be a big positive or negative depending on the result but judging by a pretty heated contract signing this week on Raw, the potential for this to be a match of the year candidate is pretty high!

7. The Miz

Ah The Miz can do no wrong can he? Stuck in a pretty shocking Miz TV segment with his guest (the charisma vacuum) Bobby Lashley, Miz still somehow managed to get his natural charisma and larger than life personality across even as a babyface which is an impressive feat. Miz will be facing off against Shane O’Mac at Money In The Bank which is hopefully the end of their feud and also the beginning of a push towards some sort of major storyline for The Miz. He deserves it.

6. Naomi

Naomi was perhaps the only saviour of a catastrophic women’s segment this week on Raw. The announcement of Natalya, Dana Brooke, Alexa Bliss and Naomi herself as ladder match participants was underwhelming to say the least and the promo exchange between Natalya and Brooke afterwards was beyond painful to listen to. Naomi got a big reaction when her name was announced for Money In The Bank and actually managed to come across as both a genuinely likeable babyface and also an intense performer as she defeated Alexa Bliss in pretty quick fashion.

5. Sami Zayn

Without just repeating the same sentiment as the last 4 weeks, Sami Zayn is the sole light of Monday Night Raw. He is nailing his character work and promos week in and week out and I for one cannot wait to see him sink his teeth into a meaningful feud against a babyface that can bat with him such as The Miz or Rey Mysterio. Excellent work as usual from the former NXT Champion!

4. Lacey Evans

Following a rather poor performance from Evans last week, The Lady stepped her game up in a big way this week on Raw. Proclaiming to Becky Lynch that she was desperately trying not to lose her manners before viciously charging at The Man leading to a heated brawl between the two. This feud needed a moment like this to really establish Lacey Evans as a credible threat to Becky Lynch and she is really starting to show some promise with this heel character work.

3. Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens the killer of friendships was back once again to destroy the joy of the WWE Universe. Owens is a fantastic heel and his lines about how Kofi Kingston may be in over his head in his new found role as WWE champion is excellent story telling that will push the crowd behind Kofi even more in his match against KO at Money In The Bank

2. Bray Wyatt

The 2nd episode of Bray Wyatts “Firefly Funhouse” took place on Monday Night Raw and christ this is awesome. Bray as the psychotic kids TV presenter with his dialogue filled with twisted messages is fascinating to watch and makes you wonder why WWE wasted his abilities for most of his main roster career. I look forward to seeing how Wyatt manages to translate this character into his in ring work because Raw needs top level talent right now and Wyatt may be the buzzard they need.

1. Kofi Kingston

It could be argued that WWE were kinda riding the feel good train in terms of Kofi’s run as WWE champion so far. A lot of video packages and reminders of how monumental this moment is have started to weaken the true meaning behind how Kofi got to this stage. Finally this week we got a glimpse at the intensity and courage that brought Kofi from a member of a tag team to the face of Smackdown live as he stood tall and fearless against the cowardly Kevin Owens!

That is it for this week’s WWE Power 10. Tune in next week to see who makes the list!

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