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We, at Rope Break, are here to rank the top 10 superstars from this week’s RAW and SmackDown Live. The superstars are ranked based on various aspects including victories, promos, and angles. This week was a somewhat debatable fresh start in the first episodes of Raw and Smackdown following the superstar shake up.

The Power 10

10)  Kairi Sane

Following on from last weeks fiery debut in the superstar shakeup, Kairi Sane followed up a dominant tag team victory with a decisive win over one half of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions in Peyton Royce. Whilst the match was relatively short and somewhat of a squash, it is pleasing to see Kairi being treated like a big deal and hopefully a real threat to the IIconics reign as champions!

9)   Baron Corbin

A controversial choice perhaps but what really stood out to me this week is how genuinely loathed Baron Corbin is. He was a part of a segment on Raw that had 3 heels involved and he was the only one that got the correct reaction of hatred from the crowd. I know he isnt a lot of peoples cup of tea but i think Corbin is one of the only real heels on the main roster currently.

8)   AJ Styles

With two big wins on Raw this week, Styles is headed to the 2019 Money In The Bank PPV for a dream match in the making against Universal Champion Seth Rollins. For what Styles lacks in charisma, personality or promo ability, nobody can take away what he can do in the ring and he really showed on Raw this past week why he was once called the best in the world!

7)   Becky Lynch

What a way to solidify Becky Lynch as a true babyface star by having her booked to defend her championships TWICE at Money In The Bank. Becky is facing off against two similar opponents in Lacey Evans and Charlotte Flair and whilst the thought of her losing to either woman fills me with sheer dread, the underdog spirit behind this booking is likely to build even more support behind an already massive superstar!

6)   Cesaro

With his partner Sheamus currently sidelined with an injury, this could be and should be Cesaro’s time to step into the sun. We’ve seen the likes of Kofi Kingston, Becky Lynch and Curt Hawkins rally crowds behind them due to years of poor booking or lack of prominice and Cesaro fits right into that category. With an aggressive victory over Cedrick Alexander this week on Raw, the Swiss Superman has all the potential to become the star many have always wanted him to be.

5)   Seth Rollins

The Universal Champion feels like he fits in perfectly as the face of WWE right now. After years as a heel and months as a floundering baby face, Seth Rollins is truly the biggest deal in WWE right now and has a new air of confidence surrounding him that is making fans really get behind him whole heartedly. His first title defence is against AJ Styles at Money In The Bank 2019 and hopefully begins a streak of classic matches we all know Rollins is capable of.

4)   Kevin Owens

Who would have predicted Kevin Owens would turn on The New Day? Well just about anybody who has seen Kevin Owens be “friends” with literally anyone thats who. KO cruelly attacked Xavier Woods and WWE Champion Kofi Kingston on Smackdown this week as he seemingly sets his sight on becoming a world champion once again. The crowd absolutely ate this up and Kevin Owens is one of the best heels in WWE and should make an excellent first foe for Kofi Kingston.

3)   Sami Zayn

Once again Sami Zayn stole the show on Monday Night Raw this week. His performances over the last 3 weeks have been absolutely sensational as he berates the audiences week in week out. Hopefully this heel turn leads to something meaningful for Zayn as he too belongs to a group of underutilised talents in WWE and could really do great things in a fully developed story against a popular face like Seth Rollins.

2)   Bayley

Had you said to me at any point in the last 3 years that Bayley would be the most entertaining part of WWE televsion i would have laughed in your faceI have personally never understood Bayley and up until this week have audibly booed her presence on my television screen. Her performance both on the mic and in ring against Charlotte Flair this week was phenomenal. She showed poise and intensity that has been unseen from her in literal years and perhaps a glimpse at a change to the frankly childish character she has portrayed for years now. A major step in the right direction for Bayley!

1)   Bray Wyatt

Was it ridiculous? Yes. Was it bizarre? Yes. Could it absolutely go the wrong way and be horrific? YES! However Bray Wyatt had the most talked about segment in WWE this week without even appearing physically on either show. This new twisted Wyatt character could be the catalyst to superstardom for the Eater Of Worlds, a place some would argue has alluded him for most of his career. The key to success with Wyatt is allowing his words to hold meaning and giving him decisive victories in the process.

That is it for this week’s WWE Power 10. Tune in next week to see who makes the list!

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