Wednesday, January 29, 2020

We, at Rope Break, are here to rank the top 10 superstars from this week’s RAW and SmackDown Live. The superstars are ranked based on various aspects including victories, promos, and angles. Saying that, let’s dive into this week’s Power 10.

10)  Beth Phoenix

The main purpose of the 6 woman tag match on RAW was to let everyone know the Glamazon can still go and she did just that. Beth looked awesome for someone returning to in ring competition after 6 years. It was a fun match, making Beth look dominant, book ending it with a superb Glam Slam on Peyton Royce for the win.

9)   Kurt Angle

On his final RAW appearance before his farewell match against Baron Corbin, a beautiful video package highlighting Kurt’s career was shown, which deserves its place on the list in itself. Angle stood tall over his upcoming opponent after locking in the ankle lock to close off RAW.

8)   Samoa Joe

Joe fought Ali in a non-title match, picking up a competitive win after locking in the coquina clutch. The match was there to make Joe look dominant and it worked well.

7)   Asuka

In a first time ever, 18 person mix tag match filled with fun spots, Asuka stood tall after dumping Jeff Hardy over the top rope, building momentum towards the womens battle royal match.

6)   Batista

The prime example of beauty in simplicity. Batista came out on RAW and showed a video packaged of his dominant wins over Triple H in the past, book ending it with the words, “Hunter, kiss my ass.” Perfect. Nothing else was needed. Hyped for their match at Mania.

5)   Randy Orton

The feud between Orton and AJ has picked quite a bit of steam over the past few weeks and it continued perfectly on SmackDown when the two were interviews on the Kevin Owens show. Cutting another fantastic promo and a fun back and forth between the two, it all kicked off, ending with Orton catching AJ mid-air for an RKO. Strong showing.

4)   Seth Rollins

The feud between Seth and Lesnar has been lacklustre with Seth carrying the story. They needed a physical confrontation and boy, did it deliver. After Seth interrupted Heymans promo. The two combatants kicked off, with Seth hitting Lesnar with 2 low blows, a superkick and a curb stomp to lay the beast out, showing he’s willing to do whatever it takes to come out on top come WrestleMania.

3)   The Miz

After cutting a decent promo on Shane McMahon, saying Mania will be his retribution, The MIz overcame the odds in a 3 on 1 handicap falls count anywhere match, ending with The Miz pinning Eric Young. This made the Miz look strong to say the least. He looked like a badass and this intensified his rivalry with Shane heading into Mania.

2)   Ronda Rousey

In the 6 woman tag match on RAW, all three main eventing women played their role well. Becky and Charlotte fought to show dominance while Ronda just tagged herself in to pick up the win. In the ensuing chaos, the three women wreaked havoc backstage with Ronda eating a hard knee from Charlotte. Perfect segment to hype up their match at Mania.

1)   Kofi Kingston

This was the most important promo for Kofi. For the past few months, Xavier and Big E did all the talking. This was Kofi’s time to speak. After Daniel Bryan cut his promo, Kofi let loose. Kofi, with all the passion and hunger, laid his heart out, talking about his journey and how it has led to this moment. This promo sent the already amazing feud between the two, in the words of Paul Heyman, from must-see to can’t-miss.

That is it for this week’s WWE Power 10. Tune in next week to see who makes the list!

And Enjoy WrestleMania!   

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