Wednesday, January 29, 2020

We, at Rope Break, are here to rank the top 10 superstars from this week’s RAW and SmackDown Live. The superstars are ranked based on various aspects including victories, promos, and angles. Saying that, let’s dive into this week’s Power 10.

The Power 10

10. The Usos

I think this is the rare occasion where a team made such an impact by saying a few words. After the Bar destroyed Big E and Woods and left Big E broken over a table, it seemed like their attempt to get Kofi into the WWE title match at Mania was going to fall short. Enter the Usos. Instead of attacking the defenseless Xavier Big E, the Usos said that the New Day had earned their respect and hence, were forfeiting the match in a show of sportsmanship. Great moment.

9. Becky Lynch

After cutting a decent promo, refuting Rondas promo, Becky outdid Charlotte and Ronda in the beat the clock challenge after beating Liv Morgan in 1:18, gaining momentum heading into WrestleMania.

8. Aleister Black and Ricochet

Black and Ricochet continued their dominant run in the main roster by picking up a win against the champions, the Revival in a non-title match, leading to a potential title match at WrestleMania. 

7. Finn Balor

Balor picked up a win against in a handicap match against the US champion, Bobby Lashley and Jinder Mahal and earned a title shot against the US Champion at WrestleMania. We hope Balor wins the title at Mania.

6. The Miz

After a great promo on Shane McMahon, a continuation of his last weeks promo, after Shane angered the MIz by bringing up his father, The Miz laid waste to not only  a bunch of security guards, but a bunch of WWE superstars such as Primo, Shelton Benjamin and the three members of Sanity. Strong showing.

5. Daniel Bryan

Bryan, all along the show, acted insecure, trying to play up to the notion that Kofi is a B+ player. His insecurity kept growing throughout the show, which made Big E and Kofis eventual win, that much more important.

4. Triple H

Triple H cut an amazing promo. It wasn’t drawn out like his usual ones, it had a tone of humour about it and he ended it by agreeing to the stipulation that if Batista loses, HHH’s in-ring career is over. Great promo heading into their match at Mania.

3. Drew McIntyre

One word to describe Drew McIntyre in recent weeks, dominant. After trash talking Roman and laying him out in the middle of the match, Drew took home a dominant win in a last man standing match against Dean Ambrose. We shall see how the match between Roman and Drew at Mania pans out, but there’s no denying Drew has been on fire.

2. Charlotte

As annoying as the result might have been, Charlotte and Asuka had a fantastic match for the women’s title on SmackDown which ended with Charlotte picking up the win against the champion, to the dismay of everyone. But for Charlotte, what a night for her.

1. Big E and Xavier Woods

Any surprises? After starting the show by standing up for themselves and coming close to walking out of WWE before Vince stepped in, the passion of Big E and Woods to see their compatriot go on to Mania to win the title was tested in a gauntlet match. After gruelling through 4 teams (well, 3), it came down to Bryan and Rowan and through all odds, the new day members persevered. They did the unthinkable. They got Kofi into the WWE Title match in one of the most feel good moments in a long time.

That is it for this week’s WWE Power 10. Tune in next week to see who makes the list!   

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