Monday, January 27, 2020

Match Results:

Ronda Rousey defeated Sarah Logan via Submission: C-
Charlotte vs. Ruby Riott – No Contest: E-
Becky Lynch defeated Liv Morgan via pinfall: C-
Finn Balor defeated Lashley & Jinder Mahal via pinfall: D+
Aleister Black & Ricochet defeated The Revival via pinfall: C+
Sasha Banks vs. Natalya – No Contest: B+
Baron Corbin defeated Apollo Crews via pinfall: D+
Kurt Angle defeated Samoa Joe via pinfall: B+
Drew McIntyre defeated Dean Ambrose – Last Man Standing: C+

The Wrestlemania Main Event Participants Kick Off The Show:

We kick off Monday Night Raw as Ronda Rousey makes her way to the ring and doesn’t look pleased as the crowd chants for Becky Lynch. She hypes the first ever women’s main event of Wrestlemania, and says. “You’re welcome.” She promises to make both Charlotte & Becky submit at the same time. The Riott Squad arrives closely followed by Becky herself who goes on to mock “Ronnie” for being a weirdo, and says she was handed everything, including a big contract but no one gave a damn until “The Man” came around. She saved Ronnie’s run and that’s why the women are main eventing. Charlotte Flair arrives and takes credit for them main eventing, because she was handpicked. This is followed up by all 3 members of The Riott Squad being absolutely buried ONCE AGAIN with the entire team beaten in under 3 minuets each. WWE is lucky that Wrestlemania is just over a week away as this story is getting progressively worse and moments like this don’t benefit anybody involved!

Finn Balor vs. Bobby Lashley & Jinder Mahal:

If Finn Balor wins this match, he gets an Intercontinental Title shot at WrestleMania. I love commentary asking if Balor has a real chance here, as if they’ve forgotten that he beat Rush & Lashley in the same style match to win the IC Title in the first place. Lio won’t be working the match, since he’s not medically cleared due to Braun’s assault last week. This went from bad to worse real quick. Lashley attacks at the bell, but Balor fights off Mahal & The Singh’s until Lio trips him to the floor. 47-seconds into the match and we already had three guys interfering. Post break and Balor fights back, dropkicks Mahal, and runs him into Lashley. Balor runs wild, the Singhs trip him up but Balor dumps the heels and follows with a strong outside dive. The Coup De Gras finishes Mahal. This match was fine enough but did little to benefit anyone involved. The sooner Balor moves on from this seemingly never ending feud the better!

Aleister Black & Ricochet vs. The Revival:

They brawl right away with Black & Ricochet controlling and clearing the ring. The Revival isolate Black, grounding him and taking control back. Black fights back, tags in Ricochet and they run wild with double teams. They follow with dives. Post break and the champions are back in control, working over Ricochet. Ricochet starts to fight back, but is cut off by double teams for 2. Ricochet keeps fighting, Dash in and Ricochet hits the neck breaker. We get wholesale tags, Black runs wild with strikes and kicks. The moonsault press follows and Dawson then eats a flurry of strikes. It breaks down, Ricochet blind tags in as Black hits black mass; the 630 finishes it. Whilst this was a really fun match, its worrying how often The Revival are losing especially in non title matches on a weekly basis. Hopefully these teams are given a solid showcase at Wrestlemania as all involved are very talented in ring performers!

Drew McIntyre Dominates:

McIntyre wants an answer regarding his challenge to Roman Reigns for a Wrestlemania match last week. “You My have beaten leukemia, but at Mania, you won’t beat me.” McIntyre says that he single-handedly ended the Shield the last 2 weeks when he beat both Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. He almost hopes Roman says no so he doesn’t put his family through hell all over again. McIntyre will stay here until he gets his answer. Reigns arrives, and says :Roman Reigns accepts your challenge, but Joe says, Never run your mouth about my wife and kids,” leading to a brawl. Roman beats his ass until McIntyre hits a low blow and claymore kick to stand tall. WWE are doing a great job making McIntyre into a LEGIT badass heel on the road to Wrestlemania and hopefully this leads to an excellent match between these bosses!

Sasha Banks w/Bayley vs. Natalya w/Beth Phoenix:

Nice pop for Banks in her home town of Boston! Sasha and Natalya lock up, working into some back and forth until Natalya locks on the Romero special early into the match. Banks escapes, hits some awesome looking knee strikes and covers for 2. Natalya cuts her off, but Banks fights off the sharpshooter. They fight out to the floor, and Banks hits a sick head scissors. Post break and Natalya is working a back breaker but Banks counters into a sunset flip for 2. Banks then trips up Natalya, the Banks statement follows, but Natalya counters into a sharp shooter. Banks fights and sends Natalya to the buckles. Tamina & Nia Jax arrive to kill everyones happiness again for the no contest. This was a very fun match, Sasha and Natalya seem to have really strong chemistry and trust between them as every time they face off they pull out some really unique offence! Beth Phoenix battering both Nia and Tamina post match was so cool to see and despite NOBODY wanting to see Nia Jax OR Tamina on the Wrestlemania the potential of seeing Sasha Banks and Beth Phoenix square off is enough to make many fans mouth water!

ANOTHER Moment Of Bliss *Sigh*

I’m not even gonna bother this week. This segment is consistently awful. Braun Strowman has fallen off the face of relevance and nobody cares about anybody involved nor what they’re doing at Wrestlemania. A total waste of time in my opinion!

Baron Corbin vs. Apollo Crews:

Sorry to do this back to back. NOBODY CARES. Both of these performers are snore inducing acts with no heat nor steam behind them. Baron Corbin matches are generally the worst part of Raw and should cease to exist in my opinion!

Seth Rollins Talks:

Rollins comes out to his usual ovation and talks about how different he and Brock Lesnar are. Rollins wants to be the champion, a man that inspires people unlike Brock. Rollins loves meeting with the fans and spending time with them, and they have all been telling him to beat Brock at Mania. He has no choice, he needs to beat Brock and will take out the bully. Rollins has an army behind him and is unstoppable, and will burn suplex city to the ground. Heyman arrives and thanks Rollins for informing him of his plans to team with the WWE Universe. Heyman mocks Rollins and says that Rollins has no idea how to beat Brock. Brock will win, and hopes Rollins takes it personally when he loses. Rollins chases Heyman up the ramp causing him to stumble, Heyman begs off and Rollins says he’s here to answer thoughts and prayers, not ask for them because “we” will beat Brock and burn down Suplex city. This is a great angle for Rollins to use as “the people” genuinely don’t want to see Brock Lesnar as champion and so his hopeful victory over “The Beast” will mean even more in the end!

Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle:

Samoa Joe starts things off by just head butting Angle in the face, shades of TNA right there. Joe grounds things, hits a basement dropkick and dumps Angle. The elbow suicida follows. Post break and Joe is still in control. He lays in strikes and chops, the jabs then connect but Angle counters into rolling Germans for 2. Joe fights off the Angle slam, and hits the running boot and senton for 2. Angle fires up and hits the Angle slam for 2. Joe fights off the ankle lock, but Angle fights off the muscle buster and hits a missile dropkick. The straps are down, they trade strikes and Joe locks on the clutch. Angle fights and counters into a cradle for the win. Whilst its never fun to see champions lose non title matches, this is working into Angle’s retirement tour which will be followed up on this weeks episode of Smackdown when he takes on AJ Styles!

Career On The Line:

Triple H thanks the fans and congratulates the women on main eventing Mania. He has a letter from Batista’s lawyer, and has to agree to one last stipulation for the match to take place at Mania. Triple H reminds him that Evolution took Batista from deacon to world champion. Triple H then claims Batista left when he realised he couldn’t beat Cena. The new stipulation is that Batista wants Triple H to put his in-ring career on the line. Triple H thinks that this is another instance of Batista trying to quit and says “if he can’t beat a douche bag like Batista, he has no business in the ring” and agrees to the stipulation. This match and build has way more excitement around it than I ever thought it would and if done right has the potential to be quite the sleeper hit!

Drew McIntyre vs. Dean Ambrose:

After Ambrose demanded this Last Man Standing match against Drew earlier in the show, the two men battled in a rather short and tame match given the stipulation involved! They brawl at the bell with Ambrose dumping Drew. Ambrose misses a top rope attack, allowing Drew to attack. Post break and Ambrose flies into a kendo stick shot. Drew then beats on him with it, but Ambrose battles back and dumps him to the floor. Drew cuts him off on the floor and nails him with the steps. Back in and Drew has a chair, wedges it in the corner but Ambrose slams him into it and hits dirty deeds. Ambrose follows with strikes, gets a table, but Drew slams him through the table in the corner. The claymore ends Ambrose. Drew continues to look excellent as the weeks go on whilst Ambrose continues to lose week on week as we near his supposed exit from WWE…

Similar to last week, this show had many ups and downs as we gear closer to Wrestlemania 35. Overall Grade – C+

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