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From the moment Smackdown began it was captivating, a serious of unpredictable moments tied with real emotion in front of a crowd on the edge of their seats the entire time reacting to every moment. But there was one name on the minds of every member of the audience and it was Kofi but this episode had a lot more to offer…

The New day opened the show and the crowd exploded, they take to the microphone with Big E and Woods doing all the talking a nice Lance Storm reference from Woods with the “if we can be serious for a minute” line to start and they begin to tease quitting the WWE after the treatment of Kofi Kingston. But before they decide whether to do this they call out Mr McMahon to come out and explain himself. 

The Boo’s for Vince are crazy and the smug grin on his face is amazing, he struts down to the ring and just as he begins to speak Daniel Bryan interrupts, Bryan tells Vince not to waste his breath on them and to let them quit, says they can be replaced by anyone in NXT, Bryan calls Kofi a B+ player and that Vince is right about Kofi. Woods fires back calling him a hypocrite and finally Vince tells everyone to shut up, he then accuses the New Day of lying about quitting and they never would. But he does finally make a deal, he says Kofi has had his chance but can still go to Mania as long as Big E and Woods can win a tag team gauntlet tonight. New Day accept and it’s set.  Grade: A-

Becky Lynch is briefly interviewed backstage, says Charlotte brings nothing to the match at Mania unlike her who brings the people and Ronnie brings the title, Charlotte’s music interrupts and she makes her way to the ring saying she will show everyone what she brings (at this point I was very confused), Asuka then makes her way to the ring with her title (I was very confused now) commentators also putting over that they don’t know what is  happening. It is then introduced as Asuka vs Charlotte for the SD womens title. Great back and forth action Asuka really shined here with some great offence, to add to my gripes in regards to commentary Charlotte pulled her knee brace down and hit a knee drop, not a single member of the team mentioned this of brought it up. In the end to the absolute surprise of everyone, Charlotte made Asuka tap out to the figure 8 and won the SD Womens title. I still do not know what to make of this, part of me thinks Charlotte will be defending the title at Mania, I do not like the idea of them combining the division they have far too much talent to restrict it to one division across the two shows. Fantastic match with a stunning ending, this show is crazy. Grade: B+

As Charlotte celebrates out comes Kurt Angle, he congratulates Charlotte and makes his way to the ring to face AJ Styles in what is advertised as his final SD match.

Styles puts over Kurt beforehand in and interview and did mention Orton which for me kind of made what happened predictable. They shake hands and hug before a short exchange where we saw a very good reversal from Kurt to turn the calf crusher into an ankle lock, Styles rolled through sending Angle into the turnbuckle and here comes Orton, RKO to Styles for the DQ, Angle then Angle Slams Orton to stand tall. Nice heat for Orton ruining Kurts final SD match, in a short exchange I thought Angle looked good still, fun moment. Grade: B –

A brief interview with Rey and Dominic for some reason (guessing he’s getting involved at Mania) out comes Miz. 

Miz cuts a great promo and the crowd love him “Miz is Awesome” chants ring round the arena, he talks about how he wants to hurt Shane for putting his hands on his dad. He says he wants to do it all over the arena and asks for the match to be Falls Count Anywhere. 

Here Comes the Money.

Security appears as Shane’s music starts and so does Sanity, Shelton Benjamin and Primo Colon of all people, they stand on the ramp as Shane walks out behind them.

After making Gregg Hamilton announce him “properly” as the best in the world, Shane talks about how great it was to put his hands on Miz’s father, he blows the image up on the big screen of him doing it and after cutting a great heel promo he calls the Miz a Mizstake and says his dad should never have impregnated his mother. This insights Miz who takes out the nameless security, Primo and Shelton before Sanity strike, They briefly beat down Miz but he fires back and throws them over the barrier into the crowd, after diving on Sanity and beating them down some more the camera brilliantly cuts back to Shane at the top of the ramp who was slowly edging backstage, Miz in a fetching suit, stands tall. 

Fantastic segment for a story I didn’t think I’d be into, got face Miz over massive and Shane looks like the snake he is! Grade: A

Gauntlet time!

Going to deal with this all at once, out come the New Day (Big E and Xavier Woods)

1st. New Day vs Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson 

Nothing really to say New Day win after maybe a minute or two with the UpUpDownDOwn, on Karl. Luke didn’t even tag in.

2ndNew Day vs Shinsuke Nakamura and Rusev (w/Lana)

Better match this, good offence for Shinsuke and Rusev who have some smooth looking tag team offence, after a few good exchanges New day win with the UpUpDownDown on Shinsuke. 

3rdNew Day vs The Bar

fantastic short match with some great back and forth action, crowd are going crazy at this point. After Big E makes a come back and gets the hot tag to Woods who fights as hard as he can. Ending came as Cesaro tags in Sheamus, they go for there finish but Big E pulls Cesaro off the top rope and Woods rolls up Sheamus for the win.

Post match, Bar attack the New Day and take them out, they get a table and slam Big E through it, crowd are distraught at this point and I will admit so was I. This is fantastic stuff.

4thNew Day vs The Uso’s

Big E still hasn’t got up from the assault and Woods tries to keep the Uso’s back, refs clear the table out of the ring and the Uso’s get on the microphone, they talk about the history the two teams have and how they respect Kofi, the crowd respect them and Kofi should be going to Wrestlemania. With all this said the Usos forfeit this match to an almighty reaction from the crowd.

This was excellent, fantastic use of the history the teams have.     

We see Bryan and Rowan backstage, they trash the room they are in and throw objects around. We come back from a break and it is announced that there is one more team a nice throw back to last week as out come Bryan and Rowan. 

5thNew Day vs Daniel Bryan and Rowan

They attack the New day and Rowan beats Wood’s down on the outside as Bryan works out Big E’s leg, Big E makes a brief comeback and even hits the Big Ending on Bryan after Woods came back in to break up a submission and dive on Rowan on the outside, Rowan breaks up the fall attempt and begins to dominate once again, Bryan orders Rowan to clean the announce table, Wood’s hits a flying DDT on the outside to Bryan, Rowan grabs Wood’s and tried to hit his claw slam through the announce table but the New Day work together to take Rowan out and clothesline him over the announce table. Big E then tips the announcers table over and covers Rowan with it. New Day get back in the ring and the count begins, crowd are about ready to erupt as the referee reaches ten!

Winners: The New Day!

Kofi chants and the New Day claps ring out around the arena in what was fantastic, Big E and Woods were amazing and Bryan and Rowan played a great part, Usos segment and moment was great as well the whole thing worked, Kofi comes down to celebrate as Kofi Kingston is going to Mania. A Brief moment where an interviewer catches Vince as he enters his limo, Vince simply says he’s impressed and it’ll be interesting to see if a B+ player can beat Daniel Bryan for the WWE Title, what a story. Fantastic. Whole of the roster come down to clap the New Day as well as we go off the air. – A 

This Smackdown was unpredictable and fantastic, the Charlotte/Asuke thing is curious but I am looking forward to seeing where it goes be a shame for Asuka to miss Mania but it’s all about the main event, Miz promo was great and even the Angle/Styles match was a good moment to progress a story, I think we will see Kurt next week ago on the go home show. It was all about the New Day though Big E and Woods showed how good they’re and Kofi is going to Wrestlemania. Fantastic addition of Smackdown – A 

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