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The “biggest party of the summer” is set to take place in just a few days as WWE SummerSlam 2019 heads to Toronto Canada this Sunday! SummerSlam will begin at 1 am UK this Sunday night on the WWE Network, with the kickoff show leading us in at 12 am! 

This year’s SummerSlam event has brought us a pretty stacked card packed with some very intriguing match ups! With (most of) the top titles on the line as well as some interesting grudge matches set to play out, let’s have a look now at how the 2019 WWE SummerSlam card has taken shape. 

Current Card

At previous PPVs has made a bit of a bad habit of stuffing as many matches into an event as possible, especially for big shows such as SummerSlam. Last year’s show included 13 matches between the pre-show and main card. It appears we may be cutting things back slightly this year with just 10 matches currently confirmed for the show! Of course knowing WWE that could all change as late as midway through Summerslam but for the time being the current card is as follows:

  • Drew Gulak vs. Oney Lorcan (Cruiserweight Championship)
  • Goldberg vs. Dolph Ziggler
  • Trish Stratus vs. Charlotte Flair
  • AJ Styles vs. Ricochet (United States Championship)
  • Finn Balor vs. “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt
  • Kevin Owens vs. Shane McMahon
  • Bayley vs. Ember Moon (SmackDown Women’s Championship)
  • Kofi Kingston vs. Randy Orton (WWE Championship)
  • Becky Lynch vs. Natalya (Raw Women’s Championship, submission match)
  • Brock Lesnar vs. Seth Rollins (Universal Championship)


Brock Lesnar VS Seth Rollins (Universal championship)

This will probably main event and the match will probably be good but for me this is one of the matches I care the least about due to how unlikable I’m finding Seth Rollins. At the time of writing Seth has called Brock a Seth wannabe (WTF) and done a pretty terrible impression of both Paul and Brock so I think and hope that Seth’s babyface run will be taking a long vacation to suplex city.

Winner: Brock Lesnar

Bayley vs Ember Moon (Smackdown Womens Championship)

With Bayley having been tormented by Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross over several months, she has now received a further thorn in her side in the form of Ember Moon. It looks like this could finally be the beginning of a darker side of Bayley, and this may even cause a double turn at the end of the match.

Winner: Bayley

Becky Lynch vs Natalya (Raw Womens Championship)

Here we are again folks with Natalya’s token yearly push. The fact that this match exists only because Summerslam is taking place in Canada this year is a true testament to how little involvement Natalya should have in a championship story in 2019. I’d be absolutely astounded to see any other result than a victory for “The Man” in this one!

Winner: Becky Lynch

Dolph Ziggler vs Goldberg

Following weeks of Ziggler making hints towards the Hall of Famer Goldberg, the two are set do battle at Summerslam 2019 and frankly I think if theres anybody that can make Goldberg look good, it may just be Ziggler! All of the superstars Goldberg has faced since returning in 2016 are major heavyweight guys; Brock Lesnar, Undertaker, Kevin Owens etc. Dolph Ziggler can be thrown around like a ragdoll for about 6 minuets before he gets pinned and we all chant Goldberg!

Winner: Goldberg

Kofi Kingston vs. Randy Orton (WWE Championship)

Kofi Kingston was afforded the opportunity to choose his own challenger for SummerSlam following multiple successful defences against long time rival Dolph Ziggler, and wasted no time in calling out another familiar foe he has a storied history with in Randy Orton. There is so much history to call upon with these 2 guys which makes the potential quality of this match mouth-watering to say the least! As part of Kofi’s journey to the stars, it only makes sense for him to overcome one of his earliest challenges!

This is the perfect opportunity for WWE to turn Kofi’s lacklustre title reign around with a match against a true veteran. It was Orton who, a decade ago, brought Kofi’s push to a screeching halt after Kingston botched the end of a match between the two, reportedly by forgetting he was meant to take a punt to the head. Kingston is still trying to prove he’s a worthy Champion, and if he can pull off a classic here, he’ll put at least one regret behind him and look to a future at the top.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

Charlotte Flair vs. Trish Stratus

Charlotte Flair said that she wanted the opportunity to prove that she’s the best female superstar of any era, and so laid down a challenge to a woman considered by most to be the greatest WWE female performer of all time: Trish Stratus. When it comes to dream matches nowadays, especially in the women’s division, it truly doesn’t get much bigger than this and add in the factor of Toronto being Stratus’ hometown, this battle could easily go either way however, Charlotte is WWE’s favourite shiny toy and I cant see her recovering well from a loss to a retired competitor!

Winner: Charlotte Flair

Kevin Owens vs. Shane McMahon (If Owens loses, he quits WWE)

A sleeper hit of sorts on the Smackdown brand this summer has been the rise of a baby face Kevin Owens. Rescuing us from the excruciating tourment of sitting through months and months of Shane McMahon’s terribleness, Owens is striving to put an end to the torture once and for all! Owens’ star as a babyface continues to shine brighter and brighter each week, so bringing an end to the Shane McMahon reign of terror at Summerslam would be a huge step in the right direction. 

Winner: Kevin Owens

“The Fiend” Bray Wyatt vs. Finn Balor

Wyatt targeted Balor upon his long-awaited return to in ring competition, and two weeks later, Balor presented the challenge. Wyatt, from the “Firefly Funhouse,” accepted on behalf of his demonic alter-ego. With Balor reportedly set to take some extended time off in the near future, this match likely may not feature an appearance from Balor’s “Demon” persona. Though, you never know — WWE may be so hellbent on getting this new Wyatt character over that he could be the first one to hand Balor’s respective alter-ego a loss, making Balor’s impending return after vacation all the more intriguing.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

AJ Styles vs. Ricochet (United States Championship)

These two have, unsurprisingly, put on some terrific matches of late. Styles took the U.S. title from Ricochet at Extreme Rules with some assistance from The OG Club, and Ricochet was able to earn his rematch by emerging victorious from a gauntlet match on Raw. This particular match has show-stealing potential come Summerslam if given the proper amount of time.  With the recent crowning of Gallows & Anderson as Raw tag team champions, expect Styles to hold onto his gold as this team continue to wreak havoc over the Raw roster.

Winner: AJ Styles

Drew Gulak vs. Oney Lorcan (Cruiserweight Championship)

Five nights ahead of SummerSlam, Lorcan won a six-pack challenge to earn the title shot in Toronto. Lorcan has been a workhorse for the company over the course of the past year, and has earned this spot in the big stage. One thing for certain is that this could very well be the most physical match of the entire night on Sunday. 

Winner: Drew Gulak

Potential additions to the card

Undertaker vs Drew McIntyre 

This is a match I’m very indifferent towards seeing come this years Summerslam, although I’d have much preferred this Drew vs undertaker in 2009/10. I think this match has potential but I feel Drew will need to carry a lot of this match but if the match is done right I feel like there’s a big possibility I’ll be pleasantly surprised. Drew McIntyre is the obvious winner in my opinion and realistically the only option really but with wwe you can never tell. 

Winner: Drew Mcintyre

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Ali (Intercontinental Championship)

Following his return to in ring action, Ali has had his eyes on that IC title for a while now, and holding a non-title victory over the champion should earn him the opportunity to contend for the gold (probably on the pre show) in Toronto.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura

Roman Reigns & Daniel Bryan confrontation:

It was revealed on the go-home edition of SmackDown that Rowan was the one behind the forklift attack on Reigns. This, of course, lends credence to the rumor that Bryan will ultimately be revealed as the mastermind. With the sudden emergence of this angle merely one week ago, it’s uncertain right now if a match will be taking place, but one would have to safely assume that the program will be featured at SummerSlam in some fashion. 

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